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Cardinal Pell expected to be charged with offences today - ABC.


Now charged.


After today’s upset win to Jeff Horn in the Battle of Brisbane I expect the Courier Mail to go all out with tomorrow’s edition.

Lead story on TEN


N24, a German news channel, was showing G20 protests and a G20 concert at the same time. Pretty surreal.

edit: I dunno wtf is wrong with embedding Youtube atm?


it’s a known issue


Ah, ta tvau


OJ Simpson parole hearing.


From Nine’s Lizzie Pearl on Twitter:


O.J.Simpson was granted parole after serving 9 years for armed robbery. He will be on parole until 2022 some media reports saying he will be released on October 1 but that is still to be confirmed by the parole board.
I wonder if his release day will be the biggest media circus of the year.


It will be as big as Schapelle Corby’s return to Australia earlier this year which is the biggest OTT broadcast of 2017.


Fires in Dubai and Brisbane. The Brisbane fire is getting a lot of coverage in Brisbane because it has closed the M1 motorway in both directions and businesses incl the Hyperdome are being evacuated. Radio stations breaking into programming with news and traffic info. Truck has hydrochloric acid.

In Dubai.


Graphic from Seven tweet


Did not stay far from the shopping strip and used to use the bus many times…


Surprised that there isn’t a thread on the events in Spain overnight yet.

News broke at 11pm AWST last night and ABC News ditched the scheduled 7:30 repeat to keep on showing BBC World News.

Seven were simulcasting CNN (who were not simulcasing CNN US when I woke up briefly at about 2am) for a good portion of the night. Surprised they didn’t show Sunrise live into Perth, whereas Today were live nationwide throughout the morning.


I am currently in Barcelona and OK for any concerned.


These things just seem to happen so often nowadays. I’m not surprised that no one bothered to open a thread about it.


Feeling very down about this. I was in Barcelona last month and walked the strip where the incident occurred many times throughout my stay. It was always an easy target.


According to Spanish media including El Mundo Julian Cadman the missing 7 year-old Australian has been located in a Spanish hospital. But Australian media are treating this as unconfirmed. ABC updated their website but did not include the report while News Ltd took down a story he had been found. One report says "DFAT source says they have “no credible information” regarding Julian Cadman and other media saying the reports are false.


This story has the potential to get a mention on Media Watch.

After the Spanish reports that Julian Cadman had been found there were a huge number of denials of the story but it kept being reported in Europe. Then there was a statement from the police that was widely interpreted to say that he had not been found but I think what it really said was that no-one had been found by police because the location of all victims and injured was already known. This would suggest that the boy wasn’t actually “missing”. So reports also suggest that the father knew before he left Australia.