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And away we go.

50-50 in the polls. I’m going to call it as a hung parliament, with Labor negotiating with the Greens and NXT to form a minority government.

My prediction is subject to change, but I feel Shorten has got the edge with his latest policy announcements. Banks have been naughty, I can’t see how Turnbull can defend the banks/wealthy and try fight the unions, especially after the Panama Papers.


This is the first time in my life I will experience a double dissolution election. The most probable outcome is hung parliament. For the Coalition, the best scenario is it gets control of both houses (and get rid of micro parties in the process) so it can rubber stamp unpopular and controversial laws such as restoration of Australian Building and Construction Commission. And that will be bad for ordinary Australians.


I can’t see Bill Shorten surviving a full term or even 2 years at most, well that is if Bill Shorten wins minority government. At least Malcolm Turnbull is preferred PM but he should’ve gone to the election a long time ago when he had the chance to

Federal Election 2016 Media Coverage

As a Tony Abbott loving and Malcolm Turnbulll hating conservative I look forward to dancing on Turnbull’s political grave on July 3.

The Australian people are smart enough to not reward backstabbing and treacherous behaviour, of that of Turnbull.

On my side of politics our best outcome is a hung parliament with Labor getting a slim but unmanageable minority government where they can not do any damage. The Coalition can then get a like minded leader and return to Government in 2019.


[quote=“AmbroseRPM, post:5, topic:1123”]
The Coalition can then get a like minded leader and return to Government in 2019
[/quote] And thus allowing for Labor to play the same card that the Libs did in the Rudd-Gillard-Rudd era. Attack that uncertainty and instability.

That seems most likely. I’m hoping that Cathy McGowan hangs on as an independent in Indi, but a Nationals gain wouldn’t surprise me. New England is another electorate worth keeping one’s eye on, seeing as Windsor looks to run against old mate the deputy PM.


An Abbott-style leader won’t succeed in the Australian electorate for a very long time, if not ever again.


The one thing i couldnt care less about is who becomes PM. I do not really like Bill Shortner. I do like Malcolm Turnbull but do not like many of the liberals political stands. But dont particularly like labours either. My vote will go to the party that promises gay mariage rights. For the life of my i dont understand why we dont have that approved yet. Especially considering we are a legal positivist country and not a natural law country.

With that said if they both approve of gay marriage i will vote greens, as i do every year.


Bill Shorten has said Labor will put gay marriage to the parliament within 100 days of attaining government. I would encourage you to look further at the Greens policies- they are not what they seem.


I know they arent. Just good to have some diversity.


And our PM would be Bill Shorten, if that was the case then it would be just as bad as Bill Shorten is deeply unpopular with the Australian voters. I can’t see him lasting long in office.


@turdall I remember seeing Attorney-General George Brandis saying that a plebiscite will happen this year after the election, and that politicians will respect Australian’s public view. Labor and the Greens had so many attempts to try and pass the bill but failed again and again over 6 years.


I don’t want him or Labor in office. I want Turnbull out but the Coalition in office, with a different leader.


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Well surely if they’re going to “raise taxes”, that’d justify spending more money in the budget because of the increase in revenue?

But then again, please, go ahead and vote based on hyperbole, rather than facts.


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Mate, national debt rose 50% after Hockey’s first budget. The Coalition aren’t savvy spenders at all. Debt was expected to peak at $55bn under Labor but is now expected to peak at $125bn under the Coalition.

Either way, my first post was a prediction. I would hope for a Greens-Labor joint government in my perfect world, but a hung parliament with NXT being the King maker is more likely given the electoral map.


@AustralianAerial said something about the Murdoch papers in the Q&A thread, it really does stink, but it’s so transparent what they’re doing to Duncan I feel it may backfire and harm the Turnbull campaign. Certainly hypocritical for News Corp to talk about taxing the poor when the company doesn’t pay any tax itself!


NT Senator Nova Peris has announced she will not re-contest her seat in July’s federal election. Speculation is the former Olympian will take up the role as AFL’s head of diversity.


Former Australian Idol and Wake Up co-host James Mathison is set to run as an independent in the New South Wales seat of Warringah in July’s Federal election, reports The Age. The seat’s current MP is former Liberal leader and Prime Minister, Tony Abbott.