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Are Seven changing tack in promos with everything now not about reveals? I thought they had changed the name of the show to Dream Home Reveals :wink:

These renovations are really good. They’re a step up from what House Rules achieved, IMO.

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With Dr Chris firmly cementing his spot in the ranks of Seven since defecting from 10, hosting Dream Home currently, DWTS soon and the show with Mick Molloy (“later this year on Channel 7” according to Molloy on TFB the other night)… Wonder what else they have planned for him or could potentially have? I could see him being a Sunrise or Weekend Sunrise fill-in or even replacement one day. Also Better Homes and Gardens has to be an obvious, but let’s hope we have the legendary Dr Harry for a bit longer.

Once In A Lifetime.


Finale July 7/8

Synopses for next week’s episodes

Sunday 16 June
The judges deliver their verdict on what was the most explosive and emotional build to date.

Monday 17 June
In tonight’s episode of Dream Home, Lara gives Taeler a taste of her own medicine with a revenge shop that dims the lights on Taeler.

Tuesday 18 June
The battle for supremacy explodes at Hannah & Jonny’s Coorparoo home as the 3 top placed teams go head-to-head. The 3 couples on the bottom of the ladder fight to claw their way back into contention.

Reno revenge for Lara and Peter

Budget karma strikes Taeler and Elle

Get set for another night of happy tears as Queenslanders Hannah and Jonny and Liam and Rhys see the first of their completed rooms this Sunday night on Dream Home.

From magical kitchens featuring the latest tech to dreamy guest bedrooms and opulent bathrooms, the teams are visibly shocked as they walk from room to room, taking in the life-changing transformations.

“Oh, my god. I can’t believe I get to live here,” cried Hannah as she saw her sparkling new kitchen for the first time.

But back on site at Coorparoo, sisters Taeler and Elle are having serious budget woes with their plans for a Palm Springs-inspired feature in the entry of Hannah and Jonny’s home.

The sisters need more downlights but have exhausted their allocated budget. “We need some money,” pleads Taeler. “We’ve gone double over our lighting budget!”

Will Lara and Peter agree to top up Taler and Elle’s budget? Or will they play the sisters at their own game?

Dream Home 7.00pm Sunday, continuing 7.30pm Monday and Tuesday on Channel 7 and 7plus

I’m guessing the new national ratings system is somewhat saving the shows blushes as without them in the 5 metro they’re very much in Holey Moley territory.

5CM for Tuesday’s Dream Home was under 350k. Very much in Blow Up & Million Dollar Island territory.

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Values of the renovated homes
Elle’s Watsonia home: $1.3 million (increase of $500,000) - valued by Craig Parker of Morrison Kleeman Eltham
Brad and Mel’s Northcote home: $2.8 million (increase of $1.4 million) - valued by Mario Butera of Woodards Real Estate Northcote. It had a second storey added.

Here are the before and after aerial photos of the two houses. A new deck was added to each house as part of the extension / renovation. If either Melbourne team (or both) made it to the final three, I think the rear deck would be included in the final round of makeovers.

Northcote before and after
image image

Watsonia before and after
image image

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It’s a 10!

Victorian sisters Taeler and Elle awarded the competition’s first perfect scores

Tonight on Dream Home: Victorian sisters Taeler and Elle cemented their place at the top of the leaderboard, receiving the competition’s first perfect scores for their spectacular bathroom and dining spaces in Hannah and Jonny’s Coorparoo home.

At Liam’s house in Deception Bay, Dream Home judges Simon Cohen, Lana Taylor and Rosie Morley loved Hannah and Jonny’s kitchen, praising the skylight as a standout feature. Lana said they had delivered on the coastal Scandi vibe with the warmth of the benchtop, the timber cladding and the curved design.

In contrast, the judges found the couple’s guest bedroom underwhelming, questioning the rug placement and the tight fit of the cupboard doors.

Lana loved the colour palette of Jacinta and Jordan’s living room, but Simon wasn’t overly impressed, saying the room felt cramped and the lounge needed to be smaller. But all judges agreed Jacinta and Jordan had nailed the brief with their laundry, making a traditionally un-special place very special.

Brad and Mel’s dining room won praise for its size and the location of the dining table. However, the judges felt they had used too much timber in the space, and their artwork didn’t meet the coastal Scandi brief.

Lana loved the couple’s bathroom, but Simon was less enthusiastic and questioned the bath on a stage. He agreed the couple had improved, but felt they didn’t nail it.

At Hannah and Jonny’s house in Coorparoo, the judges were in awe of Rhys and Liam’s spaces. Simon loved the Venetian plaster and recessed TV in their living room, while Lana was impressed with their styling, which has previously been the brothers’ weak spot.

Rhys and Liam’s laundry also won praise from the judges, who all agreed that the space felt fresh and had a generous layout.

Lara and Peter’s kitchen was a hit with judges. Simon said it was very cool and hit the Palm Springs brief. Lana said the seamless integration of the fridge with the wall was perfection. However, their guest bedroom fell short with the judges, who felt it was sensory overload with too many clashing horizontal and vertical lines.

Taeler and Elle’s dining room and bathroom were standout areas for the judges. Lana said the sisters had presented the best dining room to date.

The judges agreed that the sister’s bathroom was perfect. Simon praised the double mirror and double sink design and loved the generous storage, while Lana and Rosie loved the double skylight over the bath and the floor-to-ceiling tiled shower.

The win gave the sisters a $5000 bonus to go towards their next budget and an additional $5000 credit to use on a variety of trusted tradies.

Lana Rosie Simon This week TOTAL
Taeler and Elle 10 10 10 30 80.5
Lara and Peter 9 9 8.5 26.5 75.5
Rhys and Liam 8.5 9 9.5 27 73
Jacinta and Jordan 7.5 7.5 8 23 71.5
Hannah and Jonny 8 8.5 8 24.5 70.5
Brad and Mel 8 7.5 6.5 22 67.5

Tomorrow on Dream Home: It’s emotional overload as homeowners Hannah and Jonny and Rhys and Liam see the first of their finished rooms, while reno rookies Brad and Mel crumble under the pressure of the competition.

The judging for the Brisbane houses was done at Stonebrook, a $20 million property in Chandler in Brisbane’s south east.

Interestingly, the renovation period for the first cycle of Brisbane houses was only two weeks rather than 17 days, possibly due to preliminary works done prior to the arrival of the teams, including lifting of existing house, additional supports, and a new concrete slab.

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Taeler and Elle’s shower would make me feel very claustrophobic with all those tiles. And it would be an absolute nightmare to clean.

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“They (Dr Chris and Shayna) have great on air chemistry?”

When have they ever worked together?

They just simply make shit up. Where are the laws against this? It’s just plain lying.

Not that I’m defending the Daily Mail, but doesn’t that article say they would have great on-screen rapport?

Wow, I severely misread that.

What’s the timeframe of each house?

Phase 1: 2.5 weeks & Phase 2: 1 week?