Once In A Lifetime

Once In A Lifetime

New for 2024

In a spectacular new animal adventure series, Australia’s most loved vet, Dr Chris Brown, will be pushed to his limits in the pursuit of the ultimate animal encounter. But he will not be travelling to the furthest corners of the globe alone. In the most delicious twist, Chris will be taking the country’s most intriguing and entertaining personalities along… as his veterinary assistant. This is a journey into the unknown packed with heart and humour in equal measure as these unlikely duos take on the challenge of helping the world’s most iconic animals – all while hopefully not putting themselves on the menu.


Chris Brown Everywhere in 2024.


The interview with Dr Chris in today’s Stellar magazine has revealed some info on the show, which will air in primetime.

Weaving together his passion for animals and travel, he will take a well-known Australian to a country where they will not only have a unique animal encounter, but try to make a difference in the lives of some of the world’s most iconic species.

While viewers will see captivating scenery, the personalities themselves will step out of their comfort zone and work as Brown’s veterinary assistant.

The show, he says, “was a big part of me coming to Seven. It’s an idea I developed with a mate of mine, because wherever I go, I get asked animal questions. People are curious about animals, whether it’s their pets or why zebras have stripes or why polar bears are white. At a time when people are often detached from awe and wonder, we wanted to bring this curiosity we have with the natural world to life.”

At the same time, Brown will satisfy the audience’s curiosity about his co-stars. While each episode’s guest learns about a dangerous or fascinating animal (and tries not to get killed), we also learn more about the person. But that information will be up to the celebrity to reveal; the animal facts are Brown’s domain.


Sounds interesting, but it’s a shit title

Let’s be honest - Brown’s co-stars will be the typical Seven “personalities” - H&A cast members, AFL commentators, someone off MKR, Idol or The Voice

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