Dream Home

Surprised this hasn’t been mentioned already?


They just can’t get enough of genres that exist already can they?

Will probably end up like the totally original ‘Apartment Rules’.


Article also mentions Dr Chris Brown is probably going to be the host of this. Went to Seven for projects like this? Jeez.


$$$$ talk.


Clearly their take on The Block. How many of Nine’s reality formats are Seven going to try to emulate?


The original Nine series with Marie Patane was actually a decent format.

Flop alert

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Casting call

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New home, new adventures for Dr Chris

Much-loved television presenter and veterinarian to host two exciting new series for Seven in 2024

The Seven Network is thrilled to reveal Chris Brown’s first two projects with the network, both set to air on Channel 7 and 7plus in 2024.

The beloved veterinarian, who joins Seven next month, will produce and host a spectacular new adventure series, taking in some of the most mind-blowing scenery on the planet, all in pursuit of the ultimate animal encounter in the experience of a lifetime.

The award-winning television presenter and author will also host Seven’s new series Dream Home, an inspiring new renovation competition where the great Australian dream is transformed into the great Australian dream home.

Chris said: “To be able to bring my world of animals to life in an original, adventurous and breathtaking way truly excites me.

“I can’t wait for the world’s wildlife and the search for Australia’s best Dream Home to land in our lounge rooms in 2024.”

The as-yet-untitled new series and Dream Home will go into production later this year.


A new face and some new shows for 7.
Let’s hope this works in 2024.

“Stay off my turf, Browny!” Scott jokes. “Chris is a great mate of mine and good luck to him.

“Competition is healthy and if his show rates reasonably well, that means that people are still interested in this style of television. As soon as they stop watching other shows or our show, then that’s the end of that style.”

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Dream Home

In a brand-new renovation series for the Seven Network, Dream Home will take the genre to new heights as viewers watch six suburban homes transform before their eyes into some of the biggest and the best renovations Australia has ever seen. Hosted by Dr Chris Brown, six pairs of everyday Aussies will battle it out room by room to create astonishing new homes, with a trio of expert judges set to score each new space. The winning couple will not only receive the home of their dreams, but also a life changing prize. Produced by Endemol Shine Australia (a Banijay company), Dream Home will inspire and ignite Australia’s love of home renovation and it’s coming to Seven and 7plus in 2024.

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Just what I thought. Basically a redressed version of House Rules.

If they wanted something in the Reno genre, why not something like Love it or List it (get it from Fox) or something that hasn’t already existed on FTA?

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I guess the idea of Apartment Rules was abandoned.

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I think it will air in Q1 up against Married at First Sight.

Seven’s Head of Scheduling Brook Hall has told TV Tonight that the show will debut in the second quarter of 2024.

We were saying ‘Could we give people their dream home as opposed to topping up, or slightly fixing up, their home?’ So these are going to be very high-end lavish, huge reconstructions of people’s own home.

Chris Brown’s been fantastic from the rushes we’ve seen. There’s lots of happy tears in this show.

There will be some judges but it’s a secondary part of the show… everyone gets their full house redone: furniture, double storeys, every room of the house.

This is a positive show as well, there are no losers. If you come last in this Reality show, you’ve got a house worth double its value.


Dream judges

Simon Cohen, Rosie Morley and Lana Taylor to judge Seven’s Dream Home

Top buyer’s agent Simon Cohen, award-winning interior designer Rosie Morley, and Lana Taylor of Three Birds Renovations will judge Seven’s brand-new competition renovation series, Dream Home, coming soon to Channel 7 and 7plus.

Hosted by Dr Chris Brown, Dream Home is set to take the genre to new heights as six pairs of everyday Aussies battle it out room by room, transforming dilapidated suburban family homes into astonishing new dream homes.

Drawing on years of industry experience, the trio of accomplished judges will provide invaluable professional insight during the renovations, before critiquing and scoring each new space in the stunning homes.

Known as the go-to buyer’s agent and co-founder of Cohen Handler – the largest property buyer’s agency in Australia – Simon lives and breathes property.

With his critical eye and innate knowledge of Australia’s best dream homes, Simon will guide the teams through their renovation plans to ensure their properties elevate to the height of style and elegance.

“I’m thrilled to be part of Dream Home. The stakes are high in any competition, but when it comes to your own home, the sky’s the limit. These renovations will be incredible and absolutely life-changing.”

Co-owner of iconic reno business Three Birds Renovations, Lana is the best in the business at creating dream homes.

With her two founding partners, Lana shares her real-life renovation and styling expertise through popular DIY online courses in over 110 countries.

Lana understands the mistakes rookie renovators make and is excited to steer the Dream Home teams through their renovation journeys.

“Knowledge is power, and I think people underestimate just how many decisions they’re going to have to make,” says Lana, whose top tip for conquering any reno is to plan, make a vision board and stick to it.

Joining Simon and Lana on the judging panel is Rosie Morley, an interior designer and industry leader with over 20 years of local and international experience.

A principal at high-end architectural and design studio Hassell, Rosie consults on a range of multi-million-dollar projects. She is driven to achieve cohesion between the internal and external environments of a house. And she knows all too well that home is where the heart is.

“Designing a home is a true responsibility to elevate the everyday life of the homeowner. It is about translating the lives of the owners and imbuing this into their environment,” says Rosie.

Dream Home is produced by Endemol Shine Australia (a Banijay company) for the Seven Network.


Simon is a great casting choice! And if Luxe Listings is anything to go by, Dream Home renos should be pretty high quality.

Lana is also quite a popular and known face in the reno space, so she seems like a no brainer.

Can’t wait to meet Rosie.

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First teaser aired tonight during Australian Idol grand final.