Did They Really Just Play That?


Yes - there were fairly close ties between 4IP and TVQ - TVQ set up their first news room in the Brisbane CBD at 4IP - The City News Centre for the channel O News Watch.


Just caught the following song playing at the same time on both WSFM and Smooth 95.3

To The Moon And Back - Savage Garden


This is what happens using the same music scheduling, building their clocks with same rules.


Wake Me Up Before You Go Go- WHAM

Canberra’s Artsound 92.7 just now.


And from this morning:

Cruel Summer- BANANARAMA
Hard Luck Woman- KISS

Is this a format change for Artsound FM?


Cruel Summer is a great song :slight_smile:


What is the name of the program airing when these tracks are played?

It’s not a full MBS style station but an amalgam of classical plus other arts genres that don’t receive coverage elsewhere. In the Canberra community, I can imagine considering the other different results that Artsound would be welcomed by the unique audience mix in the city.

AM and FM DX

Got My Mind Set On You - George Harrison

Heard late this afternoon on 2DAY FM.


Gee that song sounds daggy on 4KQ, let alone 2Day


My thoughts exactly. What next, does that mean they’ll play Paul McCartney, another former Beatle who also had hits in the 80s?

They probably should leave their 80s music to more the iconic pop/rock artists like Michael Jackson, Madonna, Kylie Miinogue, Prince, INXS etc


Leo Sayer’s Orchard Road now playing 4TAB Two.


Ah they played that yesterday too! A welcome addition to the playlist.

I also heard Round and Round by Ratt on 4TAB2 this morning :ok_hand:


Oh darn u forgot to sample 4TAB Two this year over Christmas. They usually play some good stuff. I confess I do have Orchard Rd on my iPod


Filter - Take a Picture, playing on K Rock yesterday. Back when K Rock actually had a rock playlist in the late 90s they played it, but now with their CHR pop playlist it sticks out like a sore thumb!


Still running if you’re within digital coverage.

Wow, is that where Guns n Roses got their ideas?

The long instrumental lead in to Money for nothing just on now unless there was a song prior? @4TAB-1008kHz


Nah, all album versions where ever possible.

However one or two radio edits might’ve snuck in.


Triple M Sydney played “Thnks fr th Mmrs” by Fall Out Boy just over an hour ago. :face_vomiting: I can’t say that I have ever heard them play a Fall Out Boy song before.


Two candidates for this list from recent days:

Toto - Africa, played on Fox FM Melbourne (to be fair, this song has experienced an inexplicable surge in popularity with young people in much the same way Dazza’s Horses has in recent years)
Alex Lloyd - Green, played on ABC Local Radio NSW (a great and often forgotten song of his, just surprising to hear it on ABC - I think it may have been filling time during a Grandstand broadcast)


I really worry about the next generation lol


They recently toured Melbourne - and the posters that were up promoting it certainly seemed to be targeted at young people - calling out lyrics to Africa, Hold the Line and Rosanna - just three or so words in massive bold white text on black.

If I didn’t know better, based on the way they were being promoted I’d have assumed Toto were some EDM group or something, certainly very targeted on getting people going to see them ironically.