Did They Really Just Play That?


Toto played at Falls last weekend.


His best song imo. You don’t hear much of Alex Lloyd these days, which is Amazing since he was pretty popular back in the day (and Never Meant To Fail).


Why? I think it’s great that they are discovering older music.

I’m hoping it reverses the trend of some of the horrid sounding music of recent years.


I also think it’s great for them to discover older music! But Horses and Africa?? That’s my point, why two lame songs that have been heard a billion times. If we want to reverse the trend of new horrid music, those ain’t the tracks to help :slight_smile:


Yes, there are certainly much better 80-90s songs out there, but they are still ten times better than some of today’s rubbish!


I actually wonder if they’re trying to be somehow “ironic”… but sadly I don’t think so.


Well, in the USA, they got Weezer (with Weird Al Yankovic) to do a cover - which to be honest aint that different from the original…apparently Weezer’s first number one single in 10 years…(personally prefer the Pacific Daydream album, but that’s not going to be heard on FOX)


Ah Yeah So What by Will Sparkes on Triple M Goulburn Valley :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :face_vomiting:

What the hell is that appalling piece of ‘music’ doing on a station supposedly with music that makes you feel good? Now got some awful mash up on, it’s 40 degrees up here and I don’t want further incentive to be sick!

EDIT: It was on Hit 96.9.


That went out across the Hit Network - did you have the right station? Triple M is 95.3 in Shepparton


Ah, it is on Hit! Clearly I haven’t paid attention to the sweepers which have been airing the whole time, must have been confused because I had MMM on before. The mashup airing makes much more sense.

Still think it’s a bad song though, although not really suitable for this thread!


What the hell is that appalling piece of ‘music’ doing on any station let alone a hit music anyway?


Well the regional Triple M’s & Hit play so much of the same songs anyway these days it’s hard sometimes to distinguish between the two.


I agree and it is a bloody joke. I know a company who is going to pull their add off the network because of this. I swear the programmers are trying to destroy the regional SCA network ( Especially the M’s)


It’s already been destroyed


Simple fix: return to the heritage brands.

The music you love is back, and so is your favourite station. Newcastle’s Triple M, now 102.9 KOFM

As INXS fades in with New Sensation :wink:



Maybe they should play

Back For Good - Take That
I Want You Back - Hoodoo Gurus or Bananarama
Here I Am - UB40
Come Back And Stay - Paul Young


Some of the music I hear come out of the 4GR Producers area speaker sometimes makes me go turn on the receiver in my office to ensure that something hasn’t gone wrong for SCA and 4GR and Hot FM have swapped audio paths… The two songs that shocked me been played on 4GR was “Genie In A Bottle by Christina Aguilera” and “Blank Space by Taylor Swift”
Anyway if the advertisers are happy thats all that matters i guess.


yeah. Fuck the listeners which brings in the advertising dollars.


Have 4GR (Triple M) dropped their ‘Classic Hits’ position?


Mixture of Classic Hits and the Feels Good playlist from what I have heard while tuning into the station