Did They Really Just Play That?


As stated on “Pacific Star Network” the now defunct Classic Rock Radio played Taco - Puttin’ On The Ritz.


Elvis Pressley , “Hound Dog”
on Triple M last week :flushed:


maybe because it was his anniversary of his death, the song is Rock and Roll, which is also the station’s genre? not that shocking really,

edit: it’s also a terrific song too, up there with the best


KLFM in Bendigo played “Tijuana Taxi” Before a Show…


Double J played Britney Spears “Baby One More Time” as part of the 90s “Desko” on Zan Rowe’s morning show.

AM and FM DX

The Great songs heard on radio thread is over here :wink:


Well, it’s certainly not like Double J to play Britney.


I dunno they’re pretty diverse :). I heard Push It/Salt n Pepper one night last week - and I liked it LOL


Triple J played Sugababes - Overload on house party tonight


Nantucket Sleighride- MOUNTAIN

Radio Live NZ last night (midnight NZ time).


I just heard “Uptown Girl” by Westlife from 2006 on KIIS.

What the hell? That was never a hit in Australia. Why play that at all?


It’s actually from 2001.

The song peaked at #6 in the Australian singles chart & was the 44th best selling single of 2001 here.


Really? I stand corrected.

I must have subconsciously completely blocked it out of my memory. With good reason. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Billy Joel cover. Billy’s version wouldn’t fit KIIS’s current format so they settle on the next best thing, the Westlife cover.


Exactly. That’s how I felt when I heard it.


I didn’t hear it personally but according to Online Radio Box, Triple M Greatest Hits Digital played Counting Stars by One Republic and Budapest by George Ezra today. Both of these are songs from 2013. It appears that their playlist has changed significantly and seems much more ‘safe’ now which is unfortunate.


Probably going down the same track as their regional Triple M stations.


Deep Blue Something - Breakfast At Tiffany’s on Nova 100 (and about 5 minutes early on Nova 96.9)

Remember when both stations sounded different? Me neither


Not to be outdone, Choirboys - Run To Paradise on the Hit Network this afternoon.

What the hell is happening to radio


Yes I heard that. I thought the place where I was working at had it on Triple M until I heard Hughesy and Kate after that song.