Did They Really Just Play That?


To add to that, Underneath The Radar by Underworld an hour later. That one is a Gold 104.3 special.


Sounds like they are using something like a 2DAY FM playlist there… I wonder if FOX in Melbourne are playing the same songs too?


It went out network-wide - all metros and regionals


it was during Kate and Hughesy’s show.


According to Online Radio Box, Triple M Sydney played “All Loved Up” by Amy Shark last night. That’s absolutely bizarre. :open_mouth:


H&K shift play some older songs I’ve noticed.


part of Oztober and their move towards more rock ballads into their mix (Dean Lewis etc)


I can understand them playing more Australian songs as part of Oztober, but “All Loved Up” isn’t even a rock song. At least Dean Lewis’ “Be Alright” is a pop-rock song.


The hard rock options are slim though these days.


My personal option in this day and age I don’t think it would hurt for Triple M to play the odd alternative song like this but then again I quite like the song :slight_smile:


I would rather hear album rock cuts on Triple M but it ain’t gonna happen.

(They could easily lift some from Classic Ads Digital, though).


Billie Jean - Michael Jackson

Just played on 2OOO FM Sydney (the multilingual station).


Come On Eileen - Dexys Midnight Runners (without violin intro)

Currently playing on Triple M Sydney.

I didn’t think that type of music fitted their “Widest Rock Music Mix” positioner.


More of a Pure Gold song than a song you’d hear on the MMMs


I would love to go to a wedding where “Come on Eileen” was not played. It would be so refreshing


I would shuffle off this mortal coil a happy bloke if I never heard the tell-tale caterwauls and the toora-looras of this excuse for a musical composition ever again.




My cousin’s wedding last December was a Come On Eileen-free zone… and it was GLORIOUS


I don’t think that hideous song should be played on ANY radio station! :stuck_out_tongue:


I overheard “Count On Me” by Judah Kelly on 93.5 Eagle FM while I was in Goulburn earlier today. It seemed like an odd choice of song to play, because Judah Kelly was the winner of The Voice in 2017 and “Count On Me” wasn’t even a big hit. In fact, it only stayed within the ARIA Top-40 for one week.