Dancing with the Stars


That’s exactly the point. He’s there because of his parents, not his Ironman achievements. Just like Cassandra is there due to her ex.


Is it really that big of a deal?


About as big a deal as 99.9% of things discussed on this forum.


Can we move past the arguments of what is a “star” as with any reality show you are not going to appear if your career is going gangbusters and you don’t need money and/or exposure.


Thank you for saying this. I am so sick of hearing it.


Some promos for individual ‘stars’ seen tonight


The Samuel Johnson one tonight was fantastic, really well done.


Its the Daily Mail, so make of it what you will.


It is full of shit if you ask me.


Just more stories based on speculation and rumour from disgruntled former employees and owners.


I wonder why the radio station tie in.


I can’t believe I’m actually looking forward to watching this show in a weeks time…


I have a feeling that it will rate well, for at least the first episode. I’m surprised but there seems to be a bit of a buzz about this revival.


I was looking forward to it, until I heard the judges. I think that might be the undoing of this reboot.


It’s not BS. I can tell you honestly there was going to be a 4th judge. Just because 10 deny a story doesn’t mean it didn’t happen


Grinding that axe still… :open_mouth:


I don’t. I am glad they got fresh faces instead of the same old.


I am not denying they might have wanted a fourth judge. I think it is bullshit they terminated a contract or made someone redundant. I think all that is bullshit. Yes, ideally they might have wanted a fourth judge.


I’m glad they have gone with 3 judges if Bonnie Lythgoe was going to be the fourth. She is as fake and OTT as a Game of Games contestant.


She’s already been a judge on So You Think You Can Dance? in Australia so if they were going for something new and fresh she would not have been such a good choice.