Dancing with the Stars


Here we go. I think you’ll find my reporting of 10 has been fair and balanced on the website and podcast, but of course I don’t expect you’ve looked or listened before making that accusation against me?


I never said anything about a contract being terminated. I said they were about to sign the 4th judge but pulled out at the last moment citing budgetary reasons.

Call it bs if you like, but do you have sources telling you something different, or have you just decided you don’t like the facts so they can’t be true?


Isn’t it possible that they talked to others as possible judges but settled on those three?


No, that is not the case, it got much further than that.


It’s bullshit because your headline is entirely misleading. To dump a judge would mean they would have been contracted already. If you don’t want people calling bullshit think about the way you word things.

And in fact it’s not your article I called bullshit to. It was dailymail. I never called bullshit to the fact a fourth judge might sign or 10 might be looking at budget cuts. These things happen all the time when shows spend more than they were supposed to. My bullshit was in relation to the way the media try to exaggerate to sell a story. It’s very frustrating.


OK, the Daily Mail story was based off my exclusive and I can tell you it doesn’t usually get as far as it did with the (almost) signing of a 4th judge. This wasn’t just preliminary discussions.


As I said blackbox your article was NOT my issue. My issue is with contrived wording to suggest something that wasn’t the case. Redundancy and dumping is not what happened. Simple.

And to be honest I am finding some of your terms quite threatening and totally inappropriate. What are your sources etc? I don’t think I need to have a source to justify an opinon on the media and the way they try and sell their stories. There are plenty of times where the media are wrong. Why is pointless filming episodes this Wednesday? When is Pamela Anderson going into the jungle? Yes I bet you do have sources but sometimes a source can be wrong.

And furthermore. Have you ever been to a checkout and realised you have spent too much money? Because I have and have put a shirt back. Perhaps 10 have done the same thing. This stuff happens. Move on.


I think it’s a bit rough to accuse me of threatening people when I get quite a lot of abuse here (or accused of having an axe to grind). I take your point that you were referring to The Daily Mail, but as I said their story was based off my report - a report I stand by. The stories you are quoting are not my stories, so I cannot vouch for their accuracy, but I think you will find just about every (if not every) exclusive I have reported has been factual and correct.

The reason I asked about sources is because you make a statement that a story is not true but what is that based on, an opinion? I give you the facts, you all know my name and you know who I am, yet the insinuation that I’m making up stories to discredit ten, I just won’t cop that because it’s not true.

Maybe it’s time I walk away from mediaspy, it used to be a good place to converse and share a love of TV, but these days everyone seems to be attacking each other based on allegiances.


Well I am actually one that has stood up for you before on this forum mate. And it is how it came across to me. I feel you feel you have some sort of superiority because you know people in an industry. The fact is we are allowed to have an opion. Just like people who don’t work in politics are allowed to have a view on politics.

And your story was not one I called bullshit to. So I am unsure why you have suddenly had a go at me.

Hey I have never said your facts are incorrect.

If that is how you feel that is how you feel. But I feel you came in here and attacked me not the other way around. I am just standing up for myself.


I wasn’t attacking you, I certainly never meant it that way and I certainly don’t feel superior.


That’s fine mate. Sometimes things come across in a different way when they are written. As I said my issue with calling bullshit was never to do with your article. I read yours when it first came out. My issue came when one discussed reduntancy and dumping which are words starting to stretch your initial claims. Anyway lets move on.


ok fair enough. And I apologise for any offence.


in the politest way possible

I think it’s kind of a privilege to have a known industry insider here on MS, and am frankly disappointed by some members choice of language/expression/tone here, whom I know are better than that. Reads cringy.


If this is a go at me I think you need to go back and read comments and then question whether you needed to put your two cents in…

Because as I said superiority is irrelevant sully we are all allowed an opinion and we both sorted our difference so it is quite rude your comment there.


Let’s all walk in circles and hold hand and spread love everywhere we go today :smiley:
I am actually looking forward to DWTS. I am going to bat for Samual Johnson.


Sounds like something for the after dark thread!

Courntey Act for me.



Wow! The return of the Shiny Floor Show!

Will be interesting to see how this goes produced out of Fox Studios!


The stage looks far from set, but the scale looks impressive. Look forward to seeing it completed and how it differentiates on-air from 7’s efforts.


This has to be an older picture. There is no way at this stage it will be done in the next few days, to allow for some practice in the studio and go live on 18th.