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Discuss Australia’s ballroom dance show now in its 12th year.

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DWTS unlikely to return in time for the end of year. It is pretty realistic given they will need new host/s and casting not set in sight.


New host? What about Shane? He was only there for 1 season…


[quote=“Travis, post:3, topic:1519”]
New host? What about Shane? He was only there for 1 season…
[/quote] I was more talking about Eddy. TBH, like X Factor it does need a shake up.


News.com.au report that DWTS could be a year away. It comes after Ch 7 renewed the series last year & confirmed it during the 2016 launch.

Last year saw a new host (Shane Bourne) & further ratings declines to 600-700k (metro).

This year has been impacted by the Olympics & hence tight scheduling.

DETAILS: http://www.news.com.au/entertainment/tv/the-neighbours-stars-vying-to-be-the-next-margot-robbie/news-story/f95052a5d8e23959b70fa1d02ee249b9


It’s a shame DWTS won’t be screening this year .They should have rested the ‘X Factor’ for this year instead


I like watching the show, but I think its good that it has taken some time off air. We need a little breather from the show, after 15 seasons (in 12 years) on air.

The show doesn’t need an overhaul. Just needs to find the right contestant / celebrity. Will they stick with Shane Bourne and Edwina Bartholomew as hosts? I didn’t mind them, but can understand why some found Bourne as “mono”.


Herald Sun reports today that the show will return in 2017 after being rested this year. Rob Mills (a former contestant) or Joel Creasey could replace Shane Bourne as co-host, with Eddy expected to return.


Joel Creasey? I really like him and that could make it very interesting!


According to an article on TVTonight (http://www.tvtonight.com.au/2016/10/axed-dancing-with-the-stars.html), the show has been officially axed.


Channel Seven drops Dancing With The Stars from program schedule

CHANNEL Seven has officially taken Dancing With The Stars off its schedule.

The celebrity reality dance show ran for 12 years on the network with some speculating that it would return over the coming year.

But a spokeswoman for Seven said: “We’ve had a great deal of enjoyment and fun during the incredible 12 years of tulle and twirling Dancing has given us all. The audience numbers from the last season were disappointing though, and the show will not return in 2017.”


Goes to show how reliable those stories from NewsCorp actually are. Everything mentioned was pure speculation based on zero facts.


If it’s confirmed, then I’m not really surprised that Seven have axed Dancing With The Stars. The format is rather stale, the ratings have been relatively low in recent years and they were really scraping the bottom of the barrel (if not taking the barrel apart! ;P) in the choice of “celebrities” for recent seasons!

Now, fingers crossed that the 2017 replacement for DWTS won’t be another one of those cheap and tacky dating shows or yet another attempt at a cooking franchise to compliment MKR.


Or another renovation, survival, talent show. :weary:


Well, they’ve done desserts, perhaps try Luscious Lunches or The Big Bogan Breakfast for next year.


Especially considering Aussie BBQ heroes was such a hit last year also, gottatrythemall > 7.


Another great show has gone.I’ll miss it.There have been some memorable performances during all 12 seasons .The ‘X Factor’ should’ve gotten the axe instead


Sad to hear Seven has axed DWTS. The danger is that Nine will pick up the format (a la Australia’s Got Talent) and may have more success attracting celebrity dancers than Seven in the past few seasons.


It still wont rate. Who wants to see ‘celebrities’ dance??? Especially when you can youtube Miley Cyrus twerking.


Are you having a stroke? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: