Hi folks,

With the international summer of cricket getting underway in a few weeks, I thought it was high time we had a thread. The schedule for the summer is as follows:

Australia v South Africa (3 tests):

1st test: 3-7 November, Perth
2nd test: 12-16 November, Hobart
3rd test: 24-28 November, Adelaide (D/N)

Australia v New Zealand (3 ODIs):

1st ODI: 4 December, Sydney
2nd ODI: 6 December, Canberra
3rd ODI: 9 December, Melbourne

Australia v Pakistan (3 tests):

1st test: 15-19 December, Brisbane (D/N)
2nd test: 26-30 December, Melbourne
3rd test: 3-7 January, Sydney

Australia v Pakistan (5 ODIs):

1st ODI: 13 January, Brisbane
2nd ODI: 15 January, Melbourne
3rd ODI: 19 January, Perth
4th ODI: 22 January, Sydney
5th ODI: 26 January, Adelaide

New Zealand v Australia (3 ODIs):

1st ODI: 30 January, Auckland
2nd ODI: 2 February, Napier
3rd ODI: 5 February, Hamilton

Australia v Sri Lanka (3 T20s):

1st T20I: 17 February, Melbourne
2nd T20I: 19 February, Geelong
3rd T20I: 22 February, Adelaide

Feel free to discuss domestic cricket as well, though I won’t provide the (lengthy) schedules. Discussion regarding television coverage of cricket should remain in that thread.

Nine Cricket Coverage
Nine Cricket Coverage

Not a great start with the Proteas smashing the Aussies 5-0 in the ODI series down in South Africa.


Chairman of selectors Rod Marsh should quit, for leaving Australia’s best bowlers at home and instead picking three inexperienced bowlers in the ODI team.


Funny you say that because just today it was announced he would be leaving the board of selector in June 2017.


It’s the first time the Aussies have suffered a 5-0 clean sweep in an ODI series. A testament to both Australian prowess and “dead rubber syndrome”. I expect the Aussies to bounce back in the home series, though the Saffers are the most likely of the touring sides to beat us. In an era of T-20 induced mediocrity and crammed schedules, it’s become nigh on impossible to win a test series away from home.


I wonder if Nine are going to broadcast those games?


Most likely exclusive to Foxtel, as with all overseas cricket bar ICC events and the Ashes. Thank goodness for the “unofficial” web streams ;). I’ve included those matches for completeness, which forms the away leg of the Chappell- Hadlee series.


Cricket Australia today announced the men’s and women’s World Twenty20 tournament in 2020 would be held in Australia on separate dates, after the International Cricket Council approved CA’s bid at a meeting in Cape Town overnight. The women’s tournament will be held in February-March 2020 and the men’s in October-November 2020.
Given the popularity of Big Bash League, I reckon Seven, Nine and Ten will put in serious bids to show the competitions, as they will bookend the 2020 ratings season. The rights to World Twenty20 is separate to the next Cricket Australia broadcast rights deal.


Hopefully Star Sports jacks up the price of rights big time. They shouldn’t have backed down earlier this year when the networks were too stingy to buy the whole package.


So you want it to be even more unlikely networks will buy them? Star Sports/Indian broadcasters are renowned for asking an exhorbitant amount for rights, seemingly thinking overseas networks have the same deep pockets they enjoy from a country of 1 billion people.


Other countries don’t appear to have any problem paying these so called exhorbitant amounts. We seem to be only ones missing out, with several ICC events not broadcast and the IPL


Yes I forget Star Sports’ involvement. I will rather have the ICC selling rights to individual countries similar to FIFA World Cup. Star Sports only cares about its Indian viewers.


I’m sure there is some kind of kickback to the ICC/home cricket authority by achieving this as well…




Who has all the power in cricket governance? You don’t need Graeme Gilbert to tell you that the answer is…India.


Bloomberg reports Indian Premier League received an “overwhelming response” from as many as 18 Indian and global media and technology companies for the next media rights, including Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, BT Group, BSkyB, Star India, Sony Pictures Networks India and ESPN Digital Media. The tender deadline is October 25, with the winners to be announced soon after.


The IPL hasn’t been televised in Australia for a number of years. That’s probably a good thing… is it still webcast on YouTube?


The only way you can watch the IPL here is using the illegal streams.


There was a legal stream, it was


This year will be a first for me, first time heading to Bellerive for Day 1. Plus the first time seeing Pakistan on a Boxing Day, with the last time I saw Pakistan in a test match being 1990 which was the last year that there wasn’t a Boxing Day test (we played Sri Lanka in a 50 over game instead, before a short NZ tour).