COVID-19: Discussion (2022 Onwards)

January 2022

Continuing the discussion about COVID-19

Back in November, we announced that the COVID-related threads would lock and would be replaced by a single thread - this is that thread.

We’ll monitor how things go - but at this stage, it will remain a single thread. When I made the announcement a few weeks ago, things looked so promising!


Good idea having the one covid related page. Makes it simpler. :+1:

Big numbers in NSW and Victoria that were released this morning. Hopefully 2022 will see numbers go down across the country.


Peter Lalor (The Australian) is reporting a batter in the Australian test team has tested positive

Meanwhile - Tom Morris (Fox Sports) is reporting that a player for the Thunder has tested positive

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I would expect it to be pretty high across the next month or two.

Looks like nationally we will reach 100k cases a day possibly next week.

Normally takes a month or so to start to really drop off once we hit the peak.

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Given that there was a increasing amount of crossover between the big 3 threads in the Covid section (NSW, Vic, Impact) still makes sense to roll them all into one.

Can see mid February as being the point where it should all start dropping off significantly- with NYE, summer holidays, Australia Day and schools returning these all have the potential to keep numbers high.

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New Zealand Update: 31 December 2021
46 New cases in the community and no new Omicron cases in the community following a UK DJ leaving isolation early (Who tested positive while he should have been waiting for his final test results)

How long until we see a impact on the Death front? 7 in Victoria today, however cases are now 6 times higher compared to last week. Can we expect 30-40 deaths per state per day?

A lot of my family in Sydney just tested positive on RATs. they are struggling to get PCRs and the older ones are feeling fatigued.

Cricket Australia confirmed batter Travis Head had tested positive (see Cricket thread).

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Could still be a while off. South Africa and Zimbabwe’s deaths are only starting to rise now despite cases peaking weeks ago. Seems the lag is about 4 weeks with omicron instead of the 2 weeks from previous variants.

Sorry forgot to post this before but here is the shape of the outbreak (Gap on x-mas day from no data and peak on the 26th from double data dump)

Auckland Data is only tracking as far back as I could find Auckland Only Data

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Speaking to ABC Radio Adelaide this morning, Professor Nicola Spurrier said the four-hour rule had not been approved by the peak decision-making committee for public health, the Australian Health Protection Principal Committee (AHPPC).


Health Minister Martin Foley today confirms Victoria will operationalise new isolation and testing requirements outlined by the PM yesterday.

Mask wearing, social distancing, and work-from-home seems to be doing a lot of heavy lifting with these new close contact rules - I can potentially spend 4+ hours with someone who is infected in a workplace and not be considered a CC, but if I do it at home I am?

I keep seeing ‘breakthrough cases of Covid-19 cases have been detected’ in the updates of the musical theatre shows currently playing.

What does the ‘breakthrough’ reference mean?

Happy to be corrected, Generally someone who has been fully vaxxed and gets COVID


Oh interesting. I guess that makes sense - breaking through the vax.

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Forgive my ignorance but if they’ve tested positive via a RAT then is there much point getting a PCR? You say they have symptoms so can’t they just isolate themselves for 7 days and monitor themselves. If things go south call an ambulance otherwise get back into life on day 7?

Moderators, what are the rules about posting the daily updates from twitter from NSW Health and Vic Health dept on this new single thread?

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