COVID-19: The future & this forum

With the country (and the world) increasingly moving towards living with COVID, the need for a separate discussion forum will begin to diminish - so, in the new year there will be a number of changes:

  • This section will be made read-only and the threads locked
  • The section will move to be a child section under “Extra”
  • A new (single) thread to continue any discussion will be opened in the Extra section

If things change we’ll re-evaluate, but we believe it’s approaching a good time to make these changes


Let’s hope there’ll never be a need for that! :crossed_fingers: :smile:


With case numbers and hospitalisations rising in Victoria and New South Wales, and considering that there are still lots of posts in the COVID threads each day (just look at the amount of posts in the Sydney thread in particular in the last few days), are they still going to be locked as planned in the new year?

Yes, the changes will go ahead as we’ve previously announced - while we’ve said we would revisit if the circumstances changes, it appears that we’ve landed on what will be the predominant response for each state.

I’ve given this a fair amount of thought and while the situation is evolving, the discussion has also evolved and isn’t as voluminous as it was previously.