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I NEED HELP. Like now. haha

I did an assignment about 2 weeks ago. I am sure I saved it, but could be wrong. I cannot find it anywhere on my computer. It is due on Sunday. I want to do an advanced search to look at specific dates of what I saved on my computer. How can I do that?

Go to your computer file folder and type in the search box:


From there it gives you options to select different dates

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Did you find it?

Thanks. Yes I did find it. It took me about 3 hours to actually find it because I didn’t know how to do specific searches and didnt know what it was called. It somehow ended up in my downloads folder. Very relieved I didn’t have to start it again.

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Not sure if this is the right section but I really would appreciate your help ASAP. I have recorded a video on Microsoft OneNote using the web cam on my laptop. I want to edit the video but I am unable to because the video was saved as a 'all files" type instead of WMV (or something) what it has to be to edit in the programs. How can I convert this so I can upload it? I really don’t want to do the whole thing again!

I hope someone can help me :slight_smile:

I’ve got a stack of VCRs of Ten News from 2009, including Morning News, Late News & Weekend News bulletins.

I want to get rid of them.

I was thinking about creating a YouTube account & up-loading them? How?

Also seeing there’s limited videos of that 2008-2011 era.


That would be good or you could screenshot them and create a page for the Vault here on MS.

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What if I filmed a TV screen with a camera, would YouTube allow me to upload?

@Zampakid & @SydneyCityTV would know how to do this :smile:


it would, but don’t do that!
you can get pretty cheap devices that connect a VCR to a computer.


Okay cheers :+1: I’ll go to somewhere like Jacar or Officeworks.

I’ll also upload heaps of caps to the vault in the meantime.

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Or there are plenty on eBay if you don’t want to pay too much.

Basically you just hook the VCR up via a USB then play out the tape while recording on the computer. It can be quite a long and arduous process if you have lots of old tapes but well worth it (I did our entire family collection a few years ago, took about a year to get through the whole lot!).


Uploading to YouTube:


I’m wondering if people have heard of google?


As in the show Googlebox??? :wink:

I’m wondering if you actually talk to people like this in real life :confused:

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@LukeMovieMan I would recommend doing this or donating them to someone who can. Uploading caps are always appreciated by the community but pointing a phone camera at a TV just isn’t the same. If you’re serious about wanting to share your collection and preserving history in its best possible form, then doing it properly is the only way to go.

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Wouldn’t you only need one VCR? What are you going to do with a stack of them?

People with a Mac possibly you could help me?

So in the default mail app I’ve got my quite a few email accounts connected (including my uni email). Is there a way to have a default (sending) email address for one set of contacts and another default for another set of contacts?

i.e. anything sent to people with a uni email sent from my uni email address etc.

Desktop PC (Windows) won’t start-up.

Hard drive running and monitor working, but just a black screen after the windows icon.

Hard drive fault? Needs repair? Or can I do something?

Tried accessing BIOM or whatever it is F12 on start up and resorting default. Tried unplugging and restarting, nothing.

Bloody computers, I swear every year there’s always something that needs repair.

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