Ten News First Content and Appearance (2015-Sept 2020)

If Seven or Nine had one of their news reporters in Afghanistan, you can bet that they’d hype up the promotion of their reporter being “Inside the Front Line” and that it’s a “Major Exclusive” or something like that.

If I was Ten, I would definitely be heavily promoting Amanda Hart’s reports from Afghanistan because it’s a rare “Exclusive” for Ten’s news service these days which the casual viewer who doesn’t usually watch Ten Eyewitness News: First At Five just might be quite interested in!

Yep, it’s very sad. A few years ago I remember many on Media Spy regarding Ten’s news service as a better product than the Seven/Nine equivalents. For all the criticism that both Seven and Nine’s news services get (quite a lot of which is quite justified, I might add), I don’t think you can say that Ten’s news service is superior to “the big two” these these days for reasons that have been very well documented.

In all honesty, I actually do want Ten Eyewitness News: First At Five to rate well because viewers are undoubtedly better served with more choices for news on TV rather than less. But it’s very hard to support Ten’s news service in it’s current state especially when the network has only one news bulletin a day which will often take weekends off due to sports coverage! :confounded:


I can and will :laughing:


Don’t laugh, but there were bulletins during 2009/2010 where Ten Late News (for example) would pull as high as 600-700k+, it’d also contribute to their nightly share.

Now, fast forward 6 or 7 years… Their flagship nightly bulletin struggles to get 500k! :fearful:

I’ve noticed the Brisbane bulletin ends now with something like “Stay on TEN throughout the evening for news updates & for more news at 6:30 with The Project”.

No mention of WIN Local News or Family Fued, sounds much better.


Interesting use of the Adelaide set tonight, with a cross to Kate Freebairn on set :slight_smile:


Adelaide really does have a nice set! My favourite Eyewitness set despite being one of the smallest.


It really is so much more polished and modern looking compared to the rest & they seem to be intent on making the most of it which is great to see… considering as mentioned it’s fairly small, has static panels instead of screens like most other states and they’ve made the most of its newsroom location and no proper studio to speak of.

I wish Brisbane would do something with their set, there is so much room and potential there! It’s merely a shadow now on its former incarnations over the years and the latest refresh left a lot left to be desired. They need a proper bulk head, weather screen & presentation area, fix the whole lighting and panneling on the walls beside the screens either side.


That is such a great set, very simple yet so elegant. Certainly is my favourite set for the news in Adelaide!

[quote=“killy06, post:893, topic:61”]
I wish Brisbane would do something with their set
[/quote] I really don’t get Queensland. They probably have the second largest studio for Ten Eyewitness News, yet they use so little. The old 2012 set needs to be modified so it is not just sitting there useless.


Some caps from tonight’s edition of Ten Eyewitness News Melbourne;


They really need to go HD :confused:
Adelaide set looks so much better too

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Obvious product placement is obvious.

Do they even get used?

they never had them before, so maybe maybe not

Placed here as it seemed most appropriate.

I may have found evidence - and yes, this may shock you - of Ten promoting it’s 5pm news bulletin!

That’s 2x40s promos - surely they might end up on primetime at some point (if they haven’t already?)


There are Sydney versions too (an updated backdrop too?), so presumably all markets are running with something similar:

Wait for it…I think these are actually pretty decent promos. Now get them running on a very high rotation, Ten!


I love these. Obviously their current format is better for online, but cut them down to 30 seconds, cut it so that it sounds more authoritative instead of interview-like and get a warm voice over (the current male voice at the end sound hollow) and they’d be ripper TV adverts for the news.


Maybe (and I hope they do) they’ll air them during the Bathurst 1000, the perfect opportunity.

Holy crap, I just watched both of them and was really impressed. Surely they’ll air something similar to this on tv, as these ads were well put together and this was just for Twitter. I also really like the end board and the new slogan? “See why we’re different”.

Maybe we’ll see Tim Bailey next? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


The backdrop across the plasmas in the Sydney ones is stunning.

They haven’t updated to a summer backdrop yet have they?


Nope, they haven’t updated to a DST-friendly backdrop yet from what I saw this week. I wonder if we’ll see the backdrop that was used in Sydney’s promos on Monday night’s bulletin?

Also is it just me, or does it sound like the theme music “signature” has been subtly woven into the music (particularly at/near the end of the Sandra promo)?


Those are great promos. TV air-time please! :stuck_out_tongue:

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