So ABC still having M rated shows during the school holidays in WA? I think that is a bit harsh from ACMA.


That’s because ABC already has two channels dedicated to children’s programming (ABC Kids and ABC ME), and do not expect kids to watch the main channel.


And the ABC and SBS are not bound by those ACMA codes that apply to the commercial networks.


MA15+ classification warning for Family Guy on 7mate, straight out of a family friendly (PG) program at 9:30pm:


But don’t their own codes have a similiar restriction?

Edit: It appears not anymore. Since the 2016 revision, ABC removed the distinction between weekends, weekdays and school holidays for their classification timezones . So ABC can show M rated programs on weekends between 12pm-3pm but commercial stations can’t. The whole thing is just stupid.


Some displeased viewers in Melbourne took to social media last night, complaining how Seven edited the movie Kingsman on 7mate.

Because aired at 8:30pm. It was however unedited MA in other markets on the main channel.

There was a big audience watching it on 7mate in Melbourne at 8:30pm too, according to ratings.


I started watching it a few weeks ago but only lasted about 30mins. Terrible movie.


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And the first episode Seven have given an M classification to.


How do you know that?!?




First time Seven have classified Interview as MA15+.

He is interviewing a porn star tonight (no, not Dylan Alcott), so best not have the kids listening to that segment :wink:


I notice Australia’s Amazing Homes (7TWO on Friday nights) is classified PG. Why the change in rating given it’s mostly a package of past segments from Better Homes and Gardens (which itself is rated G)? I just can’t see any content which is not suitable for kids.


This week, since the debut of TEN’s quiz show, Pointless, the classification has been upgraded to PG, instead of G in the 6pm timeslot. Normally Family Feud airs at 6pm and retains as G-rating in its timeslot. ABC Show, Pointless Uk is rated G.
I don’t see the difference between the classifications of UK version and Aussie Version.


And while we’re on it, MasterChef has been interchanging between “G” and “PG” too.

Initial years were always G, then PG with regular consumer advice for Coarse Language and now plain G / PG.


Networks may as well default to the higher classification for the timeslot just in case. I doubt they lose too many if any viewers just because of a classification from G to PG.


The Real Full Monty encore is on Seven tonight and its classification has changed from PG to M. Does it mean different content will be shown from Sunday’s premiere?


Yes, it’s uncut. Premiere aired at 7pm, family friendly time.


Uncut in what way?


It was all smoke and fireworks from what I read so presumably there was nothing to see. As @wlv262 asked, how was it uncut?


Rude bits. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: