The Simpsons edits were ridiculous. ACMA and OFLC guidelines should be the same.


I notice Ten have given tonight’s “Father of the Bride” movie a “PG” classification with “Sexual References”.

It is actually classified uncut by the ACB as "G’.

So one of those rare situations where a FTA network disagrees and raises the classification. Not sure what Seven classified it the past 20 years?

NB/ I believe the only content in question: “Don’t forget to tighten your condom”.


How dare you use such references?




The new season of Modern Family starts tonight on Seven. While the promos and TV guides show the episode is rated M, the on-screen graphics show it is PG.


Next week’s new double epsiode is classified “M” with “Sexual References”.

Seven’s promo classifications are always for the series (i.e.) highest classification (e.g.) Family Guy’s promos always have “MA15+” even though all eps in recent weeks have been “M”.

It is well known Ten heavily edited Modern Family when they had rights, many episodes are indeed not really suitable for kids.




Tonight’s Joel Creasey: Fame Whore on Ten has been classified MA15+.

Frequent Coarse Language and Sexual References (at that level) I can understand.

But it also said “Drug References and Strong Adult Themes” :thinking:

Good God, is he going to be instructing how to prepare heroin and discusisng rape or something!? Bizarre for a stand up coemdy program.


I don’t think there is anything out of the ordinary with a stand up comedian discussing drug references or adult themes? Not sure why you find this bizarre at all, I’ll be honest.

Plenty of topics that drug references/strong adult themes could be about. Somehow, you’ve come up with ‘how to inject heroin’ and rape out of nowhere…


Educated guess.

For example, Ten give nearly every epsiode of SVU “Strong Adult Themes” and they’re usually always talking about rape or female sexual molestation or the like.

And that’s only “M”! So makes you wonder what on earth Joel is going to be talking about.




I looked at my TV magazine guide and noticed that it was yet to be classified, but now it has pushed up to MA15+. This could be the first time ever that Channel 10 aired an MA15+ show at 8:30Pm.


Sex and the City, Eleven? Every Thursday.


Bad education?


If you need an education to make assumptions (and wrong ones at that) about an episode of SV-fucking-U, God help you.


It’s almost like saying he watched American Psycho rated MA, which had graphic murder scenes in it, so this stand-up comedy show must contain graphic murders live on stage. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


There were comments on social media about Gordon Ramsay’s infamous swearing in regards to next week’s MasterChef.

According to guides, at this stage Ten have only classified Sunday and Monday’s episodes.

Sunday with a plain PG and Monday with PG and Some Coarse Language. So safe to assume any ‘f words’ have been beeped out or removed. Even though they could, makes sense to keep it PG, as it’s always been that way and with strong family/kids viewership.


Any lamb sauce expected to feature?


F***, yeah!


School Holidays from Monday in Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth. Sydney and Adelaide from the following Monday.

Midday movies all “PG” from Monday in Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth, while a different line-up of “M” ones will be in Sydney and Adelaide next week.

Also: Jabba’s holiday movie special tomorrow in Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth.