Netflix et al. apply to the Australian Classification Board (i.e.) ACB classify all streaming programs, just like theatrical release films.

You can see every single streaming platform program classified on their website, indicated by the key phrases I’ve circled:

So it’s actually very official, should be more accurate than broadcast network classifiers.

I will endeavour to get back to you on this.

I know it [streaming] is covered by seperate guidelines, yes.


Here: classification–publications-films-and-computer-games–netflix-classification-tool–approval-2016.pdf (279.4 KB)

“Netflix Classification Tool”, that they apply to the normal “Classification Act 1995” (Films, Publications & Computer Games") AKA the guidelines.

But here’s a quick answer for you (within the above attached doc):


Although there are exceptions. I’ve seen some that have Adult as the classification, and some that have no classification like this:


I don’t have an S-VOD service, so I wouldn’t know. Thanks for sharing, maybe only Netflix films are required to be classified (by the ACB)?

As they state it must be uniform across theatrical, DVD/Blu-Ray, digital and television. Which is also why FTA networks must apply the ACB guidelines to the Code when classifying.

Also, maybe because all Netflix films seem to end up on DVD?


Ten [Network Ten (Melbourne) Pty Ltd] found not in breach for Ten News via official complaint to ACMA:


Thanks for your work answering that


Well, I can say I’ve never seen this happen before.

Watching “Slumdog Millionaire” (2008) from a couple of nights ago & there was an issue with the classification warning… It never appeared at the start of the program!

Breach of the Code right there:

But long behold, 43min later (I included the time stamp), it bizarrely appears, very out of place:

Oops :confused: Script error at MediaHub (who play-out 7flix) perhaps?

But then seconds later, the normal PRG (with a second MA15+ bug again) :unamused:

So not sure.

The white “CC” (Closed Captioned) bug never made an apparance, also a breach of the Code. On Seven, it appears seconds after the classification warning or if no consumer advice, it appears together with the smaller classification bug.


The “reasonable mistake” or “technical issue” may cover that.


The Adult classification on Netflix.


Ooh… :wink: Adult

Initially makes me think it might be a porno or something.

Intetesting Netflix have a broad advisory like that.


You’ve been watching some lately, haven’t you Luke? :wink:

*Of course I don’t know if you actually have or not, but with a comment like that I just couldn’t resist! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yes, they’re the ones you have to say Mr and Mrs to.


Oh dear.

I guess I did bring this on my self a bit


I agree. It’s a bit misleading especially without any other categories being listed. They should put 'Rating: ’ or something similar in front of it.


There’s plenty of free alternatives out there, but moving on


I see that Underbelly: Chopper is rated MA with an 8.40pm start.


I don’t get it why Channel 9 is allowed to have MA15+ programs at 8:40 PM?


Because under the broadcasting legislation they can.


Yes, they’ve been able to do so for a while but I think they haven’t scheduled anything so early until now.


Yep, I’ve always been of the view that “MA15+” programs don’t generally rate well either, can put many off and certainty restricts it to no children (some older children 12+ might br allowed to watch “M” by their parents - Harry Potter and Hunger Games as examples).

Nine have classified it as such with “Strong Violence, Frequent Coarse Language & Themes”.

Not many networks seem to be utilising the new regulations though, most MA15+ programs tend to be movies (which must still be 9pm or after) or multi-channels which tend to air them after 9pm anyway.

Murder Uncovered the last from memory?


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