Christchurch Mosques Terror Attack - Coverage


She’s clearly in Sydney.


Sorry about the confusion.


Has Wendy Petrie appeared on 1 yet? She may be on the way to Christchurch.


1 News currently showing a montage of the past few hours, along with a profile of the mosque. It’s rather lovely.


Newshub just going from one live cross to another right now.


Mike McRoberts reporting from Christchurch


TV One’s plans for tonight and tomorrow:


Breakfast will air tomorrow in a special edition from 7 till 10.


Ch. 9 at around 4.27pm Sydney time was the worst bit of television I’ve seen in a long time.
Doing pointless tweets at the wall with the weather presenter… why? And the tweets wouldn’t match up with her read. Then you couldn’t read the tweets. Her mic was on and off.
Then back to the newsreader who had no mic on and random wide shots of people not ready, then back to weather girl walking off set looking awkward.
What the hell is going on? Just keep it simple. Show me the pictures full frame and get on with the facts.


Special episode of The Latest at 9:30

Seven Network - Programs and Schedules

This may be the deadliest shooting in New Zealand history. PM Ardern to have another address at 7.


Oh it definitely will.

The last major shooting was in Aramoana in 1990. 13 were killed.


And worse than Australia’s record if the NZ death toll goes over 35 (Port Arthur)


I’ll be sure to tune in at 10:17…

I think the format of The Latest will be perfect to cover this tragedy. Especially since Seven isn’t doing any extended coverage.


Newshub seems to be repeating stories until The Project takes over.


The Australian Prime Minister is speaking about the incident. Cap coming soon.




Hillary Barry has just taken over 1 News coverage.


Simon Dallow has handed over coverage to Hilary Barry on 1.