Christchurch Mosques Terror Attack - Coverage


Coverage discussion here.


1News has broken into programming with Simon Dallow, with reports of the Christchurch mosque shooting.

1 News NZ

Here is some caps when they introduced the news


ABC News has NZ feed


Newshub has also broken in regular programming with Mitch McCann hosting and Thomas Meed live in Christchurch. Both channels have live coverage now.


Newshub reports of an incident at the Hospital now too.


What the fuck this type of thing isn’t suppost to happen in NZ.

Is the 1 News coverage online?



Welcome to the world


7, obviously taking the Newshub feed - and 1’s… thought they had a deal with MediaWorks?


Mitch McCann is doing brilliantly. He’s currently reading a statement from the Christchurch City Council.



I see 1 News :eyes:


Newshub taking excerpts of calls from Magic Talk. They’ve just received pictures of armed offenders taking cover at the hospital.


It sounds chaotic right now. There are reports flying everywhere. This is a serious situation


I like how the NZ TV networks don’t have massive Breaking News banners in red across the screen that just screams sensationalism. Their breaking news banner is far more restrained and IMO highly appropriate for a serious news story.


Yeah, funny how it’s always in Christchurch! Last time it was the earthquakes.


As it should be. We don’t need to promote whaktards with guns.


Newshub just gone to a break. They’ll be airing a Magic Talk interview with Mayor Lianne Dalziel when they come back.


1 News also gone to break. Back soon.


Can hear production on Newshub feed. Neat!