Christchurch Mosques Terror Attack - Coverage


And from the street just outside the airport. Must have just landed.


It’s not rolling coverage just extended news updates with Natarsha Belling here in Melbourne…we just had another update that went for around 10 minutes.


Simon has been on since 2:30. It is 6pm and they are recaping what happened so far


A Ticker has just appeared on 1. Will get caps shortly.



Seven, Nine and Sky now reporting the NZ Herald numbers

Sky UK


Christchurch Police addressing the media on the shooting. More than 30 people were dead and the death toll is expected to rise.


Tom McCrae reporting from sources that up to 50 dead.


In the latest update, Natasha said that Ten News tonight would be an extended bulletin.


Newshub National Correspondent Paddy Gower at Burnside High School.


John Campbell at Christchurch Airport for 1News


Oh my god he’s amazing.


But won’t Perth viewers get an extended bulletin?


This video shows the initial break into programming at 2:30pm on TVNZ 1 & Three.

(Unlisted at the moment.)
Edit: Just to add they both had breaking tickers since 2pm ish


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Both networks in repetition mode, even in their 6pm hour. Shows the lack of information coming out as well as that most reporters have been utilised for the rolling coverage.

According to EPG, both networks to continue through the evening


Does anyone know what start times and end times were for 10’s extended news updates this afternoon? (Melbourne)

Thanks in advance.


I believe the first one started at 2.10pm Melbourne time.


Why Natarsha Belling presented the news in Melbourne rather than Sydney?


It’ll be a 90 minute bulletin:


Newshub has’nt tooken a Break since Live at 6 Started because of the Christchurch Shootings.