Christchurch Mosques Terror Attack - Coverage


Newshub is now throwing to The Project


He did a great job covering the event. 4 and half hours on the desk


Newshub will take over after The Project at 8:00.


No studio audience or fourth panellist tonight.


10 News First Sydney


Some caps from The Project on Three


John Campbell speaking to Mayor Lianne Dalziel on 1, while international security expert Paul Buchanan joining The Project panel.



John Campbell delivering such an excellent interview.


Agreed! They have such a great chemistry and John is a brilliant journo.


Campbell great as per. “Insult” to Christchurch and what it stands for.


Local news Qld


Video of 2 of 10’s reports from the afternoon. First was presented as an Update and lasted approx 5 minutes, the second as Breaking News running for almost 20 minutes. Presented by Natasha Belling from Sydney studio.



Barry clearly trying to hide tears.

Makes it more personal in my opinion, she’s such a great host for this type of thing.


i was dissucing this issue with a lady sitting beside me when i was having a hearing test. we both agreed how on earth in this day and age could this happen . we came up with the idea that humminaty in general can very ignoran and dont want to learn about new things or faiths or new ideals


The third outlet (RNZ’s Checkpoint) is going until 10pm tonight. Then I guess Tonightly or whatever they renamed it too takes over.


The NZ Prime Minister is speaking again. PM states 40 people are dead. PM now says it is a terrorist attack.


Ardern: “This is now a terrorist attack”.


40 confirmed dead by PM. So fucking terrible.