Christchurch Mosques Terror Attack - Coverage


Very good summary from Anna Burns-Francis reporting for ABC News. 9 confirmed dead, one gunman in custody, at least one at large. Four confirmed sites, possibly five - with a 2nd car bomb reported.


CNN International is also reporting on the situation.


Also BBC

SNOW showing repeats of last night’s programs.


Seven now using News Hub. Seven and 10 have now shown excerpts from the live-stream video.


CNN US are also reporting on the situation with TVNZ’s Anna Burns-Francis talking to Don Lemon



Melissa Chan-Green and Tom McCrae now on Newshub. Mitch McCann proved his worth this afternoon.


Samantha is in Syria and McRoberts must be on leave. McCann has done superbly.



Social media


This was 28 minutes ago on Newshub’s Twitter.

Hi everyone, we've seen some concern regarding this article. This does not, and never did, contain the footage. It originally had a different video which reported the shootings, however it has been removed for clarity.

— Newshub (@NewshubNZ) March 15, 2019


Erin Speedy at Christchurch Hospital for Newshub.


New Zealand Police are now speaking.


Police Commissioner Mike Bush on both networks right now. He is saying this attack is requiring all national police and ambulances on hand at the moment.


It took MW a little while to…


Four people red in custody right now


School lockdown has just been lifted.


LIVE At 6 from CHCH and Patrick Gower


Is Ten on rolling coverage? Perth is on Dr Phil…