Carols in the Domain


I’m pretty sure that the choice to air Carols In The Domain is a production choice rather than anything legally required, although I suppose there could be a 7 second delay for live TV (like there is in radio).

Aside from that point, tonight’s Carols In The Domain was rather ordinary yet again with Twitter commentary being the only thing making me not switch off apart from maybe one or two reasonable performances. I know I shouldn’t expect much from a Christmas Carols telecast on Channel Seven infamous for cross promotion, product placement and being a vehicle for Seven Network personalities, but it really seems to get worse and worse every year!


I hope you’re not suggesting that they’re worried about Christmas Carols performers flashing. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I see Seven doing a sneaky again? (Or perhaps I’m wrong - caught the ad).

Having an ad break, after the program has finished, as to trick viewers the program is still going, but for Mrs Browns Boys Christmas to actually commence.


You could get away with broadcasting last years concert and nobody would know :wink:


I quite enjoyed tonights social media commentary of Carols in the domain. a few top tweets.


Is Simon Francis that’s leaving the Seven Network the same guy that directed the carols telecast as his name is also Simon Francis?


Probably my favourite


To be fair, the credits were shown at the bottom of the screen as is normally done to indicate the end of a show before the ad break so anyone with half a brain would have known it had finished at the commencement of the ad break.


I can understand the Natalie person changing frocks during the night, that is standard practice for showing off different payola gowns, but why did the Beretta fellow change his jacket? One screen shot shows him with a black jacket, and in a later shot he has on a white jacket. Show pony? I don’t recall Brian Naylor and Ray Martin feeling the need to get changed during the night when they hosted Carols by Candlelight.


Do you guys need to pick apart every aspect of the Carols and compare it to the other one? If you hated it so much then why sit through the whole thing and whinge about it afterwards?

Can’t you just accept there are two carols shows and they’re done differently? Why does everything have to be a war between Seven and Nine fanboys?


Didn’t watch even 1 second of it. I just looked at a couple of the screen shots here.


So why whinge about it what jacket a host was wearing and compare it to something that a Nine host wore twenty/thirty years ago? :roll_eyes:


I found it amusing … sort of like the weekly discussion about whether Home & Away or Neighbours is on the cover of TV Week, and if photos from the same shoot were used many issues apart. :smiley:


Like that has anything to do with this conversation. :roll_eyes: That’s right. Attack the person making the comment when you have no legitimate comeback to justify your own comments.

Some criticisms are warranted but do you think nitpicking every aspect of an event that provides contributions to charities is great?


Every? More like one. As I wrote, I didn’t watch it. I commented on two screenshots.


The 2018 event will be held on Saturday night, December 22. The date was revealed on Carols in the Domain FB page this morning.

Carols by Candlelight (Adelaide)

It’ll be rather interesting to see if Seven moves the broadcast back to Saturdays (as they should because it didn’t feel right on Sunday nights IMO) or if they’ll decide to delay the telecast by one day so it can air on Sunday.


It should be live on Saturday.


Agreed, although has Carols in the Domain ever been truly live to air? I think it’s always been some form of delayed telecast because if it was live, Seven would undoubtedly slap a “LIVE” watermark on the Sydney & Melbourne feeds.


And i cant see the crowd staying till 11pm for the end :joy::joy: