Carols in the Domain



Knowing that Carols In The Domain is primarily aimed at a “family” audience I’m kind of surprised that Seven hasn’t yet tried to do a live (AEDST) telecast from 7pm. Perfect lead-out from the news and it’s not as if the filler programs that air 1 hour/90 minutes or so before CITD most years is must see content!


If only the content of Carols in the Domain (and choice of hosts) are better this year. It always seemed like a 7-nised version of Carols by Candlelight.


You could replay last years and knowbody would notice!


I don’t know. But from what I could assitain when I went there in 2015 it was on about a 20 minute delay


The first batch of performers for this year’s event has been announced.
(via full page ad in this week’s New Idea) Samantha Jade, Penny McNamee, Isaiah Firebrace
(via Instagram) Jack Jones, Mark Vincent, Matt Lee and The Tap Pack


The Tap Dogs are busy that night? :smile:


Thirsty Merc will perform at the event for the first time, while Paulini will make her return.


Doesn’t look like Beretts is hosting this year.


Hopefully Kochie will resist wearing an absolutely dreadful outfit like he has the past couple of years! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

While I’m here, is there any truth to the rumours that The Wiggles will again be performing “Go Santa Go” and “Here Come The Reindeer” for the umpteenth year in a row? :laughing:


You could replay last years and knowbody would notice :joy:


Poor man’s version of Carols by Candlelight rolling out the regulars once again.


Haha, yeah.

For me, the only real highlight of Carols in the Domain (aside from one or two reasonable performances) is the commentary on Twitter - poking fun at the constant product placement & cross promotion online has almost become an Australian TV tradition! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Doesn’t Carols by Candlelight have product placement and cross promotion online too? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yes but it’s on Nine so he won’t whinge about that.


Even if it was the other way round (Candlelight on Seven, Domain on Nine), people will still bag it because it’s on Seven.


Is this the first time it hasn’t been on a Sunday, at least the past decade or more? Can see this year either on par or doing average. Carols have been declining, reflective of the industry trend IIRC.

I guess Seven have to make Cricket Australia a priority now.


To a lesser extent. For a start, I don’t think we’ve seen movie/musical performances where non-Christmas songs have been sung on Carols by Candlelight yet.

I praise and criticise all networks whenever I feel it’s warranted. Have you not seen the numerous posts where I’ve criticised Nine for Married At First Sight, The Block, The NRL Footy Show, Hot Seat, A Current Affair, Today and even Nine News Sydney for their sometimes dubious presenter choices?

Carols in the Domain was only on a Sunday night last year and the year before.

Like Sydney Weekender (which is still on Sunday), it’s something that always worked best on Saturday & never quite felt right on Sunday IMO.

From what I’ve seen of the ratings in recent years, it’s getting to the point now where Carols in the Domain probably should have its first run on the main channel in Sydney/NSW only with the telecast being shown on 7TWO in other markets.

Better yet would be another network trying to poach either or preferably, both Carols events. Despite being associated with them for decades, “In The Domain” & “By Candlelight” haven’t always aired on Seven & Nine respectively. If they wanted to, I reckon Ten (who actually aired Carols By Candlelight many, many years ago) might be able to do a good job at rejuvenating the telecast of either or both event.


That’s a bit harsh isn’t it? I know people who love the Sydney carols.


Why don’t the pursue Carols in the Crescent?


There are hundreds of local Christmas Carol events Ten could broadcast if they really wanted one of their own. I would guess that they are not interested.