Carols in the Domain


Mickey Mouse makes a comeback to Carols


Always seem to feel four hosts is a little OTT. Just two would be adequate.


Should be either Nat and Kochie, Nat and Mark or Larry and Kylie. Sam shouldn’t be on there. Every year she looks like she doesn’t want to be there.


Mark Ferguson and Mel McLaughlin to host Carols In The Domain 2018, imagine the banter! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

In all seriousness though, I think having Nat & Berretts or Kylie & Larry would be an adequate duo for the event.


I’d prefer Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck.


Sesame Street made an appearance in 1996. Not new at all seeing Mickey at Carols


Moving to a Sunday night…as its usually been on a Saturday.


It moved to Sunday beginning last year.


Dami Im, Samantha Jade and Lucy Durack are appearing a week earlier at Adelaide’s Carols by Candlelight, held on Sunday with a 24 hour delayed telecast 7:30pm Monday on Seven Adelaide. I hope they sing different songs at the two Carols.


Tonight’s event will start at the earlier time of 7.45pm, meaning the TV broadcast will be slightly delayed.
List of performers:
Justice Crew
Big T
Penny McNamee (event debut)
Samantha Jade
Cast of the Wizard of Oz, including Lucy Durack, Jemma Rix, Anthony Warlow and Samantha Dodemaide
Cast of Jersey Boys
Adam Harvey
Beccy Cole
Todd McKenney
Dami Im
The Wiggles
Mickey Mouse
Justine Clarke
Katie Noonan
Jay Laga’aia
Graeme Press


The event has always started some time before the broadcast, with pre-broadcast entertainment. A pity it isn’t live.


If Carols in the Domain was ever broadcast live, Seven would undoubtedly stick a “Live” watermark on the screen in Sydney & Melbourne.

Live or delayed, I’m sure there’ll be plenty of very interesting tweets (some of which are hilarious) about the telecast like there is every year! :smiley:


Is the broadcast normally live or slightly delayed? Obviously we’re referring to AEDT places here though. Of course it is always delayed everywhere else like with other similar sorts of programs.


It’s terrible when Carols spoilers come out 15 minutes before broadcast. :roll_eyes: We all know we need that 15 minute delay in case Santa starts using offensive language again and they have to bleep him out. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


“Ho ho ho, Merry Christmas Motherf[BLEEP]ers!”

Sorry, couldn’t resist…


You didn’t bleep that?


Kochie’s wearing an “absolutely amazing” jacket tonight! :wink:


The broadcast of this usually finishes at 11pm. Is that what time it finishes on site because its a bloody long concert for the public to sit through!


No. It finishes around 45 mins to an hour earlier in person. As someone who has verb both a TV viewer and a live audience member in the domain it is a good solution for both


Everything broadcast on TV nowadays are on a short delay after that Super Bowl Halftime show in 2004. There is always a slight delay to Carols each year.