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It’s already been mentioned in the 6iX thread, but streaming for all remaining Capital Network stations has resumed today - 6iX, 2GN, Eagle FM, 2XL and Snow FM join 2CA, 2CC and 3GG which were already streaming.


Direct URLs:


(2XL is down @ 17:47 AEST).


According to a reply on 6iX’s Facebook page, the Capital Radio Network stations should be on TuneIn within the next few days, as they’re currently not listed there. 2CA, 2CC & 3GG can be accessed via TuneIn since they switched their streaming back on last November.


Capital needs to sell their share of 6ix to ARN in order to pair it with 96FM.


What and turn it into a bland copy of WSFM or Gold?

No thanks! I love 6iX’s playlist.


Also, since ARN own 50% of Nova 93.7, buying 6iX would be in breach of the 2-station rule.


Why can’t ARN sell 50% of 96FM to Nova Entertainment to ease some Pressure?


What would that achieve except reduce their profits? They still wouldn’t able to buy 6ix (not that Kevin Blyton/Janet Cameron would even want to)


Whilst flicking around the “Forever Classic” stations online, I’ve noticed that 3GG takes the same log as 2GN/2XL, which its music format is more 70s-90s based as opposed to 2CA & 6iX being more 60s-80s based. The bonus is that unlike 2GN/2XL, 3GG doesn’t take any networked talkback, but does take AFL Live in place of the Continuous Call Team.


If the capital radio network were to buy 2ch will have a 60s music format list :grinning:


2XL & 3GG are currently looking for a new Music Director:

Judging by the above job ad, it’s further proof that 2XL & 3GG (along with 2GN) are taking the same log.


A couple of weeks ago Rob Duckworth was doing Drive on Mix 106.3, this week he is filling in on Breakfast on 2CA.


Bump. Eagle FM has switched on its Crookwell translator on 103.7; I’m not sure how long it’s been on the air. Reception of it and the 2GN translator on 106.1 is excellent on certain high points of the Oberon-Goulburn road.


John “Burgo” Burgess is returning to 6iX from 22nd April, in which he’ll present the 6am-Midday slot on Saturdays. He was previously the breakfast presenter for the station from 2012 until the end of 2015.

Source: Radioinfo

Also, I’ve noticed through their now playing feature on RadioApp on a weekend afternoon just gone, as well as through Crocmedia’s website, that 3GG is not broadcasting the AFL this year, and they’re not taking Sportsday on weeknights either. That means the station is in a unique position of being the only adult commercial music station in Regional VIC (apart from Grant’s Bay 93.9 in Geelong) to not broadcast the AFL. In fact, on their Facebook page, they quite proudly claim themselves to be Football free in 2017! :slight_smile:

So if one wants to listen to 2GN/XL’s playlist on a weekday morning, Friday night or weekend afternoon during the NRL season, then listening to 3GG online would be a good alternative, since they take the same log.

It’s worth confirming (since I was down there 2 weeks ago) that 3GG can be heard into Northern Tasmania quite well during the day, providing a good alternative to the local stations.


According to my observations on RadioApp, it would appear that 6iX in Perth (which you can now see their playlist on the app) is now carrying the same music log as 2CA, just with a 2-3 hour time difference.

That means the Forever Classic stations have only 2 music logs:

  • 2CA/6iX - More 60s/70s based
  • 2GN/2XL/3GG - More 70s/80s/90s based


It was on air in January. RDS on the Eagle FM translator too. A smile to the face of @radioengineer for that no doubt.

Comparing the translator program with that from the Goulburn sites is amusing, they operate on what sounds like a bog standard internet stream, same lag, same audio characteristics. I guess it gets a program to air at a very cheap cost.


Is that for both stations or just 2GN? I would have thought that the Eagle FM translator could be fed off-air.


Hey it wasnt me! … but its good to see thou!


Thankfully it wasn’t you indeed. It’s a better than nothing solution.

2GN. When I returned from the area, I found it had been discussed earlier in the DX topic.


I noticed that 2XL (as well as 3GG) are going ‘all 80s’ on Friday nights, whereas 2GN airs the Continuous Call Team’s Friday Night NRL match.

There’s another option for 80s music aficionados on a Friday night. :slight_smile: