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6iX Perth has a new-look website:


Has anyone listened to the 2XL Breakfast show lately? I’m lost for words…wow! Unsure how it is still on air.


That’s the one with Gazza Warne; he has a unique voice to put it mildly. I haven’t listened to his breakfast programme, though I hear plenty of his VOs for the “Cooma and Jindabyne twin cinemarrrs”.


Very unusual. I decided to tune in online.

Did not listen to Doug Mulray much, for those that did, is he a similar style?


Heard him doing Winter road conditions on Snow Fm one Saturday while driving to Thredbo. We all commented on his voice, good old regional radio!!

I read somewhere on the internet that 2XL will fully convert to fm, vacating the 918khz frequency. Is there any truth to this?


Yes, it is part of ACMA’s AM to FM conversion program for regional commercial stations in solus markets, which you can read more about here:

This will also involve 2GN, which should have good coverage on FM from Mittagong to just outside the ACT border, so I could listen to “Forever Classic” for a longer period of time than under the current 1368AM transmission. I just hope they don’t change their music format too much when they convert to FM, because their current format is already well suited for it.

IMHO, 2GN/2XL/3GG, as well as 2CA/6iX, are a better listen than WSFM, music wise. :slight_smile:


I am a bit concerned too they will change format. It may not happen in short term but in a year or two they may transition. I98 fm , ws fm, 2go , the old 2uw are examples.


What available frequencies are there for 2XL / 2GN?
Are we looking at a frequency swap with 2KY racing stations 96.9 /94.3.

If 2XL goes to 96.9 at the same Power as Snow fm it would block dxing reception of Nova 96.9 around Lake George and Goulburn.


For 2GN, I think 97.9 would be the most suitable frequency for a high-powered service from Mt Gray. i98 from Knights Hill shouldn’t be causing too much trouble, as it transmit at only 4kW ERP towards the Southern Highlands & Goulburn in contrast to Power FM’s ERP of 50kW in that same direction.


Wouldn’t they continue to use the same Canberra frequency allotment which would include 94.3, that way Sky sports moves to 1368 and 2GN moves to 94.3 at 40KW ERP?
At that spec it will be able to provide coverage from the NSW /ACT border at Eaglehawk to Hilltop.

Re format changes after conversion, they will most likely keep the same format. The Goulburn and Cooma markets are so small Xtra does not even survey them. They are not going to chase each other’s listeners.
Switching to Fm may make 2XL more profitable as I previous read somewhere that 2XL makes a loss and only Snow Fm, breaks even / makes a profit.


The problem with using 94.3 is that it’s only 200kHz away from 94.5, which transmits Braidwood community radio station 2BRW on that frequency, which its coverage area falls within the 2GN/Eagle licence area.

Also, 94.3 is also used by 1WAY’s Tuggeranong translator, which could potentially suffer co-channel interference from 2GN’s 40kW FM service.


I forgot about that one, could ACMA make them move frequency like the Taree community station that had to move so Star 104.5 could broadcast without restriction?

I cannot think off what else is on 97.9mhz


That could possibly happen.

The nearest stations to Goulburn that transmit on the frequency include the 10 watt-powered ABC Riverina service at Tumut & the 20-watt powered 2AAA translator at Junee.


Actually, the station most likely to pose problems on 97.9 MHz in the Goulburn area is 2LVR Forbes, which belts in like a local near Bigga, though this area is supposed to be covered by 2GN’s translator on 106.1 MHz. If 94.3 was chosen, the ACMA would need to either move 2BRW from 94.5 MHz as mentioned or severely restrict 2GN’s ERP to the south. If this latter option was chosen, 2GN could activate its Braidwood translator on 96.1 MHz to rectify signal deficiencies which would likely result from a highly directional tx on 94.3.


I have done the modeling on 94.3mhz at 40KW omnidirectional from Mount Gray and potential interference to the Braidwood Community station on 94.5.

Based on my coverage map 2GN on 94.3mhz would be less then 33db in the town centre of Braidwood. 94.5 would most likely block out reception of 94.3 on a standard radio, car radio may allow reception. Both stations would be at equal strength around Durra Durra on the fringe of the 100w community licence area.

Alternatively ACMA could whack a 4KW restriction on 2GN 94.3 towards Braidwood, and allow 40KW in all other directions, similar to i98 / wave fm from Knights Hill.
This would prevent any signal getting into the Braidwood licence area. They can then activate the 2GN translator at Braidwood on 96.1mhz at 1KW to fill the gaps between the two services. Even better activate RDS with AF on the two frequencies.


Exactly what I suggested above :slight_smile:

What program do you use for your signal modelling, Ant?


There is a free program on the Nautel website which allows you to generate coverage maps based on terrain profiles using Google maps.

You save your transmitter sites, and then create your coverage maps by specifying the broadcast antenna height, Power in watts or Kilowatts etc.

You then generate your coverage maps, I use the 66/54db grade option but you can also use 74/54db as well. There is also a mobile reception coverage generator that uses 44/33db contours which I also use.

The coverage maps are great for omnidirectional services but for directional services you have to create diiferent maps for each of the sectors so that is the limitation.

You have to register to use the service on their website but it is free. They do periodically send you invites to events / send promotional emails etc.

The link to signup and to use the tool is-


I’m unsure what licensee in their right mind would accept a compromised spec so that one of their licences has a poorer spec than another. Both stations should be equal in every market. Lithgow’s disparity should never have been allowed.


Judging by this job ad for a journalist, 2XL’s local news bulletins are being (or at least, about to be) produced at 3GG in Warragul. From what I understand, by comparison, 2GN’s local news bulletins are being locally produced in Goulburn.


Is there a separate position for Snow FM? Would think it’d be more economical to have a local journalist for Warragul and a local journalist for both 2XL and Snow FM