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Nestle loses court battle to trademark Kit-Kat shape
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Campos coffee makes the leap to snowfields of US market


The latest Australia Day lamb ad is out and it’s epic.


cue outrage from Firetorch and the right.


Bega Cheese has announced it will buy most of Mondelez International’s Australia and New Zealand grocery and cheese business for $460 million. The purchase includes Vegemite and Kraft-branded products like peanut butter, cheeses and mayonnaise but excludes Philadelphia products. This means Vegemite will be Australian owned once again.
This news is as big as Patties Foods’ purchase of another Aussie food icon, Four ‘N’ Twenty pies, from American food company Simplot in July 2003.


Vegemite hasn’t had a Kraft logo on it since the Mondelez-Kraft split.

The detail of the Bega deal is that the licence to use the Kraft brand expires at the end of 2017, so the cheese, macaroni cheese and peanut butter will need to be rebranded. Bega does get a licence to use the Mondelez ‘Dairylea’ brand.


Great to see Mondelez grocery business back in Australian owned hands :slight_smile:

Vegemite & the other KRAFT brands will continue to operate out of Bega’s now owned Port Melbourne facility.

Bega already has offices/ a facility around South Melbourne anyway.

Mondelez biggest asset would be Cadbury no doubt?


The end of the Kraft brand licence that will require Bega to rebrand those lines raises the possibility that Kraft Heinz Australia will expand the Kraft brand when it reacquires the rights.

Kraft Heinz already supplies Kraft branded jam and honey through its food service, while the peanut butter is branded Heinz.


Is it worth expanding the Kraft brand? Why not just rebrand them as Heinz and expand that brand?


Logos have always interested me, particularly for global brands. I made this USA vs Australia chart years ago so it’s a bit outdated, but I’d like to update it. Does anyone know of any more global brands that have these kinds of regional differences?


Target and K Mart aren’t owned by the same companies in US and Australia, neither is Hungry Jacks.


Ownership doesn’t really factor into it with this comparison, for me anyway. The brands still offer the same thing (or very similar) to the original USA brand. What interests me is when Australian companies hold into the traditional/original USA brand and don’t evolve it in line with the USA.


Another brand that used to have geographical differences:


Axe is known as Lynx in the United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, and People’s Republic of China. Apparently there was a trademark issue with the Axe name. Axe is French for Axis. I don’t know why they didn’t try the name Axis in English speaking countries.


Target logo is wrong. Was changed last year.
Syfi have used the U.S version for about 2 years.
Mars isnt sold in the U.S anymore.


But the Mars bar logo shown in the table is the UK version.


I understand that, but he’s made a comparison of Aus v USA


Anyhoo. Frosties used to be called frosty flakes and god I loved them as a kid.