This Topic is all about US Sitcom Black…Ish starting Anthony Anderson that airs on 7flix.

I’m glad 7flix has Returned Black_Ish, It’s Really Good Comedy once you take a look, It was on Last Week and it’s on again Tonight at 9:30 with Triple Episodes, I’m in Heaven right now.

Black-Ish is on again 9:30 Tomorrow Night, But Returns to it’s Rightful Place at 7:30 Tomorrow Week, I Believe Season 2 will Start in Two Weeks.

I’ve Read in The Latest TV Week that Black_Ish is indeed returning to 7flix on Monday (July 31) from the Beginning at 5:30p.m. And Continuing through Tuesday’s, Wednesday’s and Thursday’s.

Black_Ish will move to 6:00 Monday to Thursday as some Episodes are not Suitable for People Under 15 Years Old.

With How to get away with Murder Ending on Tuesday, 7flix will have to air Adults-Only Episodes of Black_Ish until around Late September.

Why has’nt Black_Ish returned to Flix’s Primetime Schedule? It’s Been Seven Months Now and I’ve been waiting and Waiting.

Don’t Forget about Black_Ish that’s into it’s 4th Season in the States but still stuck in Season 2 since Seven Removed the Show last February and We’re Starved of New Episodes instead of the Wasteland we’re having Right Now.

But still no sign of Black_Ish Returning, It better happen soon.

Black_Ish returns to 7flix 3:00 Monday (Christmas Day) Airing Season 1 Again, Let’s Hope they air New Episodes in that Timeslot around February since they didn’t rate in Primetime and Additional Episodes at 10:30 in the Morning.

There’s gonna be a Total of 12 Black_Ish Episodes on 7flix over the Next Two Weeks including The Christmas Episode in Monday Night and Next Wednesday Night is the Adults-Only Crime and Punishment Episode at 12:20a.m.

Just Phoned Seven in Melbourne, Black_ish will return to Flix shortly, but it’ll be on Later than 7:30 is what they told me.

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Still Waiting for Black_Ish to Return to 7flix’s Schedule.

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Black_Ish better Return to 7flix Shortly as there’s Non-Ratings coming up as well as HTGAWM.

According to Mumbrella, Black_Ish is Returning to Flix on Wednesday December 28 at the New Later Time of 9:30p.m. in Triple Episodes starting with 1x14/15/16, At Least I can enjoy them again.

Yeah before they change the timeslots again if ratings are bad.

Better these days to wait until the show has aired on free to air and watch it via a catchup service at least it will be there when you want to watch it .

Shows from the US and UK no Longer rate before 9:30 once they Debut earlier anyway.

Pretty much my thoughts exactly or just buy the DVDs when they are released. :stuck_out_tongue:

Burning Them off at 3:30 in the Afternoon is a Possibility.

When does it screen now?

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