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Manu Feildel’s wife Clarissa is joining the show, creating quick and delicious meals with an Asian influence. Her first episode will be Friday week, April 5.


Colin Fassnidge said on Good Friday Appeal tonight that he had already filmed 40 episodes of his cooking segments, all in the kitchen of his family home. If I heard correctly, each week the crew came to his house on the Monday and left all the ingredients and filming equipment, shoot a number of episodes, then packed up on the Thursday.


Clarissa Feildel joins Better Homes and Gardens

Australia’s beloved lifestyle show adds spice with Malaysian chef

Chef Clarissa Feildel is the latest addition to the vibrant cast of Better Homes and Gardens, preparing to pull from her Malaysian heritage for an exciting twist on fried rice in her debut episode 7.00pm this Friday, 5 April on Channel 7 and 7plus.

Embarking on a flavourful journey, Clarissa invites viewers into the heart of her kitchen to share the quick and delicious recipes she serves to her family, including her MKR judge husband Manu Feildel.

Clarissa is just the first in a series of food presenters who will join the show this year to share a range of cuisines, cultures and styles of cooking every Friday night.

Must-see segments in this week’s episode include:

  • Johanna teaming up with Clarissa to create a delicious Malaysian fried rice
  • Adam creating a modular, comfy lounge setting that is built to last
  • Colin dishing up delectable BBQ pork belly strips with charred broccolini and a macadamia buttermilk dressing
  • Graham visiting a communal garden in Sydney’s western suburbs to meet the members behind the productive plots
  • Charlie revisiting a small backyard he made over three years ago to give the homeowner some pruning tips
  • Juliet visiting 3D artist Misha Harrison’s workshop to get inspired by her intricate and unique style of sculpture and painting
  • Charlie demonstrating how to prune and propagate basil
  • Dr Harry meeting a couple with a border collie who tries to herd cars

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There was no channel change advice in Perth tonight, with BH&G fully on 7Two and a very rare occurrence there, due to local AFL specially on main channel tonight.

Went from Rick Ardon signing off the special early and truncated bulletin at the odd time of 6:10pm, straight to the AFL pre match, seconds before the opening bounce.

However, there might’ve been one at the start or end of an ad break around 6pm local?

Also, the usual movie is on 7mate, following Melbourne and Adelaide.

Expect BH&G to be down this week, but given Perth market, maybe not too much.

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Friday 12 July 7pm on Channel 7 / 7two and 7plus

Washington DC is so packed full of museums, monuments, cool restaurants and gardens, Charlie needed two weeks to fit it all in. So, in his second week touring the US capital, he takes in the United States Botanic Gardens with its massive greenhouses and the unbelievably beautiful private estate of Hillwood. But it’s not all about the gardens, so Charlie checks out the oldest saloon in the city and one of the newest, funkiest hotels, that has amazing views of the area. If you’re thinking of heading to the U.S. for a holiday, you might want to add Washington DC to your list.

Colin loves his barbecue so much he’s going to cook fried chicken on it. Well, sort of. He’s using all the flavours you would normally associate with fried chicken, but cooked directly over the barbecue’s flames, so you don’t have the flour or frying process. While this chicken will be delicious enough to have on its own, it’s even more tasty when paired with charred leek and sweet potato. To top it off he’ll show you how to make a fantastic vinaigrette to balance out the flavours. The only thing this dish needs, is friends to enjoy it with.

Morgan Hipworth’s culinary star is rising as fast as baked goods. At age 13 he began supplying cafes with his homemade doughnuts and by 15 opened his own donut shop. Somehow, he managed to finish high school while doing double duty as a shop owner… and do it very successfully! Not only has his empire grown, but he’s become a star on social media with over a million followers. Tonight, Joh meets this sensation with a spatula, to see how his equipment has grown from a bench-top mixing machine to something much bigger. It’s his new project, a fine-dining restaurant, where he can showcase his broad range of cooking skills, that has Morgan most excited. But Joh doesn’t just get a tour, she gets a cooking lesson too, when Morgan shows her how to make his ultimate chocolate cake.

Is your kitchen at a point where it’s in need of a lot of love, but you don’t want to spend the big bucks to tip it out and start over? Don’t worry, because Juliet has some fabulous ideas that will modernise your kitchen and save you the massive cost and inconvenience. With clever ideas like changing the layout to be more functional, updating the tiles and cabinet doors with a coat of paint and so many others, this entire kitchen will soon be looking fresh out of a magazine.

Introducing a new pet into the family home doesn’t always go with a smooth transition. And it is even harder when your new pet can walk, squawk, fly and generally behave like a bit of a galah! That’s just what Dr Harry is facing with Gary, a Corella-Galah cross, who is well behaved for some members of his family, and vicious to others. Can he help this beloved bird love his family in equal measure? Tune-in to find out what happened when Harry met Gary.

This would have to be the easiest build ever done on Better Homes and Gardens. Tonight, Adam builds a stylish coffee/occasional table in the scandi-style with tapered and splayed legs. All the materials you need to build this project are available off the shelf from the hardware store, but there are only four, and even if you’ve never touched a hammer before, we think you could still easily make this super stylish coffee table.