Bachelor in Paradise


Well they have Alex and Richie going on and prob like 2 other male and female intruders


I’m aware of that, Richie & Alex are both listed in the above press release and are shown in promos. My comment was in regards to additional cast who aren’t promoted or announced initially.


If you can’t remember who some of the nolebrities are here is a guide.


The US guy has a great body.


its fake


Looks pretty real to me.


Yes. These will just be the ones that appear in episode 1. Last year it was as soon as the second episode that more people started arriving and by the first rose ceremony there were more there than the initial cast release. They obviously keep certain people and some of the more interesting contestants to keep it exciting as it goes along. I’m guessing Richie and Alex will come in the second or third episodes just to keep it more interesting.

Well I think Nathan and James are very attractive and will be good on the show. I have seen Bill a few times recently in my area out walking his dog. He is looking very tanned so is probably on there for a while.

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Hopefully this is ready to go the week after next (when MAFS is done). Ten desperately need it to do well.


I am tipping season 2 will premiere on Wednesday, April 10 and will air right through Easter. When Dancing with the Stars and Ambulance Australia finish their seasons, BIP should take over their 7.30pm timeslots as well.
Last year, season 1 had 16 episodes across six weeks.

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Starts Tuesday 9 April



Is Ambulance finished? :frowning:


Looks like it’s kicking off as soon as MAFS ends. Smart move.

Possibly as I think they rushed into filming the new season so it may not have as many episode… but even if there are a few more eps left they can easily hold it off as it’s good filler when they need it.

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Bachelor In Paradise Premieres Tuesday 9 April

Get ready to adjust your clocks to island time when the second season of Bachelor In Paradise premieres on Tuesday, 9 April.

Giving you stronger tropical vibes than a coconut and lime candle, Paradise has all of the Bach faces you know and love…but this time in bikinis! And boardies! With cocktails!

Host Osher Günsberg is back, cloaked in his best bula shirts and ready to guide you and this bunch of sexy singles through another memorable romantic journey.

Airing three nights a week, Bachelor In Paradise is your first class ticket to hot tropical nights filled with drama and romance.

Ambulance Australia

By my calculations Ambulance Australia’s second season will have two episodes left (next week is episode 6). Maybe Ambulance will be pushed back to 8.30pm for the final two weeks? Remember also the grand final of Dancing with the Stars is scheduled for April 23.

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Ambulance Australia

Masterchef will probably launch the week after the dancing finale

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So could BIP and MasterChef be shown on the same week?


That is not going to happen. Masterchef needs to be 5 days a week. They will play out BIP before Masterchef kicks off. BIP starting next week and probably increasing it’s nights over easter means it will be finished by early to mid May.


Doubt it the finale of paradise will probably be the same week as dancing or the following week on the Sunday or Monday.