Bachelor in Paradise


I’m actually looking forward to this.


So are they airing it the same time as The Bachelor this year cause they worried he’s too boring or will that air after BIP? It feels like I heard about casting of this so long ago it already aired but it hasn’t. Who else was rumoured?


With Married at First Sight sweeping through the opposition, obviously BIP will have to wait until after Easter. I think it will hold the 7.30pm timeslot until MasterChef starts in May, when it will move to post-9pm timeslot.




It always airs after Bachelor In Paradise. BIP has been filming for ages but The Bachelor just started filming.


The new season of The Bachelor started filming last week, around the same time Matt Agnew was revealed as the new bachelor. This week’s Woman’s Day has photos from the set as Matt mingled with the ladies in the mansion for the first time.


Promo seen tonight


Alex and Richie promo


The advertising for this has certainly taken on a different angle this season. Will it work?
I’m looking forward to it.


I doubt they would move it to the 9pm timeslot. This show only went for around 4 weeks last year. I’m guessing it will air from mid- April to mid-May and then Masterchef will follow.

Yes definitely and probably influenced by MAFS where the drama and gossip has really made that show popular.


I would much rather see them put this in a 8:30 slot following Masterchef.


Depending on when My Kitchen Rules finishes this year, it could leave a gap of 1-2 weeks between it and MasterChef. By showing BIP during the period, 10 won’t have to guess the airdate of the MKR grand final. Conversely, it could give rival shows The Voice and House Rules a headstart.


Masterchef doesn’t have to start the day after MKR finishes. I doubt Ten are too worried about MKR anymore anyway. Masterchef has a loyal audience and MKR audience has faded. All Ten need to care about is launching Bach in Paradise as soon as MAFS finishes, then Masterhef can naturally follow.


except Masterchef runs for 2 hours most nights.


Does it? I don’t remember too many 2 hours episodes. 90 minutes may but not two hours.


Incorrect. Masterchef is one of the few reality shows that usually finishes at the reasonable time of 8.40pm. It is only the Sunday episodes that are longer and sometimes Thursday if they have a Masterclass but that’s only some weeks.


Bachelor In Paradise Season Two Cast Announced.

Love may have eluded this bunch of Bachelor contenders the first time around, but now they’re back, armed with experience and a spray tan, ready to take on Paradise and to find their true love.

Coming from both Australia and the US, these born-ready romantics made their mark across five seasons of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette creating some of the show’s most controversial and heartbreaking moments.

Now with the odds in their favour, it’s up to these sexy singles to sort the cream from the coconuts and find themselves someone who is more than just a holiday fling.

Stepping up for Season Two of Bachelor In Paradise and joining Alex Nation and Richie Strahan who were announced earlier this week are:


Alex, The Bachelor Season 4, Richie’s Season

Alisha, The Bachelor Season 6, Nick’s Season

Brittney W, The Bachelor Season 6, Nick’s Season

Brooke, The Bachelor Season 6, Nick’s Season

Cass, The Bachelor Season 6, Nick’s Season

Cat, The Bachelor Season 6, Nick’s Season

Rachael, The Bachelor Season 4, Richie’s Season, Bachelor in Paradise

Shannon, The Bachelor Season 6, Nick’s Season

Vanessa Sunshine, The Bachelor Season 6, Nick’s Season


Bill, The Bachelorette Season 4, Ali’s Season

James, The Bachelorette Season 3, Sophie’s Season

Nathan, The Bachelorette Season 4, Ali’s Season

Paddy, The Bachelorette Season 4, Ali’s Season

Richie, The Bachelorette Season 2, Sam’s Season / The Bachelor Season 5

Alex Bordyukov, The Bachelorette US Season 13 (Rachel’s season)

Bachelor In Paradise. Coming Soon.


Very underwhelming in terms of the guys, as cute as Bill is he is boring, but that Alex looks amazing without a shirt so obviously all the women will be after him.


There was additional cast involved in the show last year that weren’t announced initially weren’t there? Hopefully that’s the case this year as well.


Most of them are from the same season. Pity they didn’t have any returnees this season.