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Surprised to see Ten doing a local version of the show considering how the previous local versions of the show went down on Nine and Seven many years ago. Will be interesting to see how it goes this time around (at least it’s yet new programming from Ten!) Who knows, they managed to get another old format in The Bachelor and Bachelorette to rate well so this could surprise many and rate reasonably well too.

News Corp revealing today where it believes Australian Survivor will be filmed. No spoiler warning needed - if you don’t wish to know, don’t click the link! :slightly_smiling:

Is Rove still likely to host?

Regarding the filming location are they going to make it secure, as last time they filmed there didn’t they come across pirates and productions had to bribe them to leave them alone and they couldn’t venture out very far on canoes? I hope that won’t limit the scope of challenges.

That was pure speculation. Rove has a full time radio job in Sydney. Can’t see how he could do that and host a TV show from a remote island.

Yeah I don’t see Rove a chance at all of hosting this. What would be the point of 2day FM launching his new radio show just now to then have him go off for a while.

As for that location - poor choice. It just shows how uncreative they are being that they want to re-use a US location. Plus I don’t think US Survivor would ever go back there because there were a number of problems with the location during filming. Plus it’s not very open with lots of dense forest and tress that go right up to the sand at the beach, which limits challenges and stuff. It makes me feel like they are going to try and mirror a lot of old US stuff from earlier seasons and be more back to basics. Boring.

I agree I think they should go to where the US has just had their previous season. Hopefully they don’t go back to basics. I love the scheming etc. So hopefully they make sure there is some of that in there.

I wonder why the American version has never done another Australian location?

They wouldn’t want to go to Cambodia where the most recent US season (and next season as they film two back to back) were filmed. The conditions were too harsh with extreme weather resulting in multiple contestants to pass out or be medically evacuated from the game. Plus it would seem tacky for them to just tie onto the back of a US season using the same location.

There are many reasons why they havn’t done another Australian location. It’s cheaper for them to generally do Asian or south American locations. Inland locations are very rare these days too and it’s winter here when they normally film from May-August. They always go for warmer locations.

I like the location, Borneo would be a good place to go back to (even if it is a different show) where it all started 16 years ago.

The Sunday Telegraph is reporting Steve “Commando” Willis and Dr Chris Brown are candidates for the hosting role. I think Chris is too busy to host Survivor given he will be involved in three other programs this year (I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here!, The Living Room and Bondi Vet).

Please NO

I think they need somebody who is a good host but has an interest in extreme sport/fitness/survival. Not the other way around as in Steve “Commando” Willis. They can’t have Dr Chris Brown hosting two similar shows.

Some people I’m thinking would be suited are Dan MacPherson, Scott Tweedie, Kayne Tremills, Tyson Mayr or Andrew Morley.

Kerri Anne Kennerley should be the host - after all, she’s the ultimate Australian Survivor isn’t she!


That won’t work since plastic melts in the heat.


I would add Daniel McPherson as a host contender. He seems to be “in” at Ten at the moment.

Yes Dan macpherson would actually be a good choice for this.

Having watched every episode of Survivor, I think Steve Willis would be the best choice from the Ten catalogue.
By the sound of it, Dr Chris Brown wasn’t even bothered to do basic research on the US show and it’s host before making comments to the Telegraph.

[quote=“MATTB, post:16, topic:460”]
By the sound of it, Dr Chris Brown wasn’t even bothered to do basic research on the US show and it’s host before making comments to the Telegraph.
[/quote]Because he has no interest in hosting another similar show and it is highly unlikely that Ten would want to have him hosting both ‘I’m A Celeb’ and ‘Aussie Survivor’. This is a non-story on a slow news day.

Some info on the show in an article about the casting process includes some clue as to the scheduling with applicants told they will need to be available from May 23 to July 24.

Applicants are expected to top 15,000 before closing on February 10 — a record result for Channel Ten.

“This is the biggest response to a casting call we have ever had. The casting tour has been extended and additional staff have been hired to cope with the volume of outstanding applications,” Ten’s Head of Entertainment and Factual Programming, Stephen Tate, said.

“We are still receiving more than 100 applications a day, and we had to extend the casting tour as a result.”

2 months to film the season? This better not be longer than a 39 day season. Also based on those filming dates through to July it will prob air at the very end of the year.

Which will be it’s death knell. Do execs learn nothing, never premier something big budget like this towards the end of the year. Big Brother was a disaster and Big Adventure was beyond embarrassing. It needed to have premiered straight after I’m a Celeb.

I’m also hearing that most of the players will be recruits. Seems to me like it’s going to have lots of production interference.

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