ARN Regional (formerly Grant Broadcasters)

Hows 999 am can you receive? :blush:

I didn’t try for it last night, but historically, it isn’t strong up here, fades in and out at night, and no signal at all during the daytime (even 603 RN is weak).

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good its about time:) hopefully were i used to work at will now have more listernes:)

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Hot FM Darwin looking to convert its Katherine translator to FM. The AM transmitter is a legacy from former Darwin station 8DN and was taken over by Hot after 8DN went off air.

EDIT: Sorry I didn’t realise this was already posted:


Introduction of the 98.3 translator for Bendigo was botched from the start.

Comparing to the translator coverage of many Caralis sites, they’re way in front on this front.

Toowoomba, Newcastle (Port Stephens), Grafton, Noosa, Lismore (Kyogle) and Young (Grenfell) to a name a few translators with surprisingly great coverage.


From Radioinfo:

On Tuesday, March 12, K rock Geelong will welcome a familiar face, Josh Olek to the Departure Lounge for the drive home.

Joining the gang as a workdays announcer three years ago, Olek is making a move and jumping on board K rock’s Departure Lounge where he will co-host drive with Stampsy.

Read more at:

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As from this afternoon, a new drive show has been introduced for its SA stations, titled “Shovel & Bull”.
Presented by Chris Dzelde, it airs 4-6pm weekdays on 5MU, 5RM, 5CS-AU & 5CC.

Source: Radioinfo


This will be broadcast out of the 5MU studios, Chris was doing 2-6 on 5MU, now hes doing 2-4 on 5MU only then 4-6 across SA.


What was on the other stations prior to the new shift?

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Automation, voicetracking usually. Very small markets.

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On Power FM Muswellbrook this afternoon, the announcer made a comment regarding last night’s NRL match, about how it went into extra time.

Which means it was either live or voicetracked today. As I had suspected that such voicetracking would normally be done during the week. Which makes for better quality radio.

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Looking at the Song History feature on their websites, it appears that Grant’s “Classic Hits” stations in NSW & QLD are now sharing their playlists.

For example, here is 2ST:

And here’s Zinc 96:


What is the coverage of the Smithton FM 94.5 translator for 7BU?

LAP says 100 watts.

Or is it higher and covers much further?

Having travelled to that corner of Tas in the mid 90’s, the AM 558 signal was fine there and further west in Marrawah. Perhaps the owners then invested in what was putting their business to air.

She was a workday announcer & Music Director for Power FM in Nowra, the latter role also covering for the Bega & Muswellbrook stations.

Having travelled that area earlier in the week, I would say really just the town is covered.

Having said that the D-MAx doesn’t have the best tuner know to man.

Found coverage to be OK, east of Smithton, out till about the Stanley turn off, but was full of the ‘picket fencing’ normal for fringe coverage.

Out West, coverage was LOS only, Leave the flat farming land and she was all over.

What I did notice was that there was a good lot of Smithton relevant ads on 7BU Smithton. Can’t recall hearing them on the 7BU Burnie services. If Grant’s are running two separate streams of the 7BU service, boy-o-boy well done grant’s. A reasonable investment for such a small town.


Just the one feed for 7BU - I don’t think there are any plans to expand as you’d understand the service area is still the same size it has always been.


Thanks @LFD459, great to read your contributions over in the radio section.

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Grant Broadcasters launched a brand new, digital-only radio station in Hobart today.