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Carrie and Tommy are on holidays with “the best bits” being aired.

I’d rather they just played music instead of best bits.


How many weeks had Carrie & Tommy been back for ?

Since February 25th.

Hughesy & Kate are also on holidays.

Survey break and school holidays/Easter means most (if not all) metro breakfast and drive shows are on break

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Fox FM Music Director & Operations Manager, Dan Hill, is leaving the station to take up the role as Content Director at K-Rock in Geelong.

More: https://www.radioinfo.com.au/news/dan-man-k-rock-geelong


Funnily enough, former KRock director James Speed is taking the role of assistant content director at Fox.

Fox Content Director Amanda Lee and Speed previously worked together in the same roles at hit92.9 Perth.


Welcome back to the radio forum @RonBurgundy

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Keegs is filling in for Ash London tonight.

Much prefer Keegs, wish he was given his own night show Hit Nights permanently.


Brilliant prank!


It’s sad how ‘surprising a co-host’ by being in the same studio is of news these days.


In that RT article, enjoy this comment:

Still cant believe SCA let her get away with this. Keepin it real and local ! Sipping Latte’s and Rose` at the Via Veneto. Sure isn’t Dandenong.

Let them know of Mediaspy, we need that calibre of cutting comment on here.

Imagine what they’d write on that multi faceted disaster that is MSR.

Currently in Adelaide and on Hit 107 I heard those new station jingles (the 2Day FM ones but modified for Hit 107).

Not sure if they are being used elsewhere? I certainly haven’t heard them on Fox nor the regional Vic Hit stations.
They sound great though.

Yvie Jones filled in for Fifi Box today.

(I have a feeling she might fill in for Fifi whilst she goes on maternity leave)

Hit 107 have been using the same jingle package as 2DayFM since last year. Both stations are using the More Music, More variety format.


what is her background and story?

Angie Kent’s offsider on Gogglebox between 2015 & 2018 + on the 2019 season of I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here, increasingly regular reporter/panellist on Studio 10.

If you watch Channel Ten a fair bit, you’ll probably be familiar with Yvie Jones.


Pete Curulli rush hr host on mix 94.5
But this week coming pete will do Breakfast with Heidi,Xavier on sister ststion hit92.9​:thinking::thinking:

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