Agree mate. They’re playing a few songs, maybe 1 in 10 that are just not “smooth”. Especially in the breakfast show they have a few clangers. Hoping they don’t screw with it too much.


Less Current Upbeat Tracks, More 60’s and 70’s Favourites i say.

Maybe that might work for Smooth Melbourne, but here in Sydney I think adding 60s & 70s tracks might encroach too much on Classic Hits 2CH territory.


I just heard an “up tempo” Smooth 95.3 jingle, so that suggests to me that their music mix does seem to be evolving.


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What Smoothfm should do is for the good friday appeal is offer smooth favourates requests for donations

Do they currently do anything for the Good Friday Appeal?

Nova/Smooth were sponsors of the Kids Day Out held on Good Friday afternoon.

They are also listed as a media partner

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David Campbell just signed off from his shift with “love you”


He does it everyday on Today Extra.

Is he a 12 year old girl?


This is why I am not a fan of smooth, music is ok. Given all the recordings uploaded by @tvcl. Bring back vega :blush:

I daresay Vega was voice tracked too… minus the insincere sign offs perhaps.


Probably. Voice tracking, networking and pre-recorded content from elsewhere weren’t even entirely new concepts in 2005.

With the benefit of hindsight, we can probably say that the original/launch Vega “40 Years of Music” format was probably one of those concepts which was ahead of its time - likely to be relatively successful now but in the mid-late 2000s, the Sydney & Melbourne markets probably weren’t quite ready for it.

But since 95.3 Sydney/91.5 Melbourne are enjoying some of their best ever ratings as Smooth FM, it’s hard to criticise it even though some elements are really corny/cheesy. Aside from the music, I actually think their newsreaders (between Glenn Daniel, Steve Blanda, Ron Wilson and Rowan Barker there’s a significant amount of Sydney radio news experience) are the best part of the station.


I think Smooth’s greatest asset is the laid back nature of its presentation, there’s very little hype or manic about it… The “name” presenters who have had successful careers elsewhere (TV, entertainment industry) are probably the other. Their newsreaders are great too.


Just back from a short trip to the UK and imo Smooth here is much better than the UK version in terms of the playlist at least. The UK Smooth is just too sleepy and the music seems much safer and narrower. They do have more seemingly live announcers though - in London at least.
But I couldn’t listen for long periods. I spent most of my time on Magic in the UK which was a lot more upbeat.


The UK Version Of Smooth Plays The Living Years by Mike And the Mechanics Which is a Sad Song And is’nt Towards Smooth’s Aussie Playing Standards unlike Bryan Adams Epic Ballads including Everything I do (I do it for you) which he’s heard Regualry

I wonder how successful smooth Sydney & Melbourne would be if Mix had not changed to KIIS.

Would they’d blocked them from going number one?


Didn’t Mix 106.5/101.1 slowly add more pop in their playlists for some time even before the launch of Smooth 95.3/91.5?


I don’t think that the old Mix format was “soft” enough to provide much hindrance to Smooth FM.

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