ARN Regional (formerly Grant Broadcasters)

“The Chatter of the Capricorn” could have been a better slogan.


And to celebrate 2GB’s syndicated programming, the [redacted] of Rockhampton

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Waahh, waahh, the fun police got to this?

River 94.9 skipped through their usual 1pm news today, each sting played consecutively, intro, sport and weather but no newsreader.

I gather they forgot to remove them and are automating afternoons?

Meanwhile, Hot 91 is running the 2GB pre-feed bulletin.

Presumably in place of the same from 4BC?

You’d have to check the syndication schedule. BC’s newsroom is staffed this afternoon, there’s a local bulletin going to air as I type this, Mark Braybrook’s son is reading it.

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Without checking I’m lead to believe that the Queensland Grants stations normally take a networked bulletin from 4BC; it’s definitely sourced from Macquarie, so I presumed it’d come out of Brisbane rather than Sydney

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Grants have a big newsroom on the Sunshine Coast - surely they can do their own bulletins all day during the week.

the beloved pre-Christmas automation fuck up. Happened to the metro Triple M’s and regional Hit stations on Christmas Eve too.

There’s something in the air.

Jarryd Braybrook is from the 4BC newsroom.
All the QLD stations take the 4BC QLD news feed unless there is a issues with syndication from Sydney where when a issue occurs network stations receive a 2GB feed instead

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Today’s news on River and I guess Hot 91/Zinc is from Rosie O’Brien.

Is she still working for the Camerons out of Maroochydore as per her Twitter?

Hot Tomato has news director Matt McDonald in their newsroom. Also on air Christmas Day.


Yes she is @crankymedia

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Caught the start of this today on River

2018 was a great year for The River 949 Music Panel and we’re kicking of the new year with yet another one of our amazing music countdowns… and it’s all controlled by you.

We often ask our members what songs they want us to play and we’re set to play the top one thousand songs you want to hear right across your workday.


Began at 10am did it? Heard some mention in the promo, good writing, quite irreverent.

News was local from River today, however was the rest of the station automated? News was on 5 - 6 mins early the bulletin I heard.

Hot Tomato live for news and announcer and giving away client prizes.

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Yes after the 10am news that as you mentioned started early and included some Ipswich council news.

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Currently on the NSW South Coast and Power FM have really lucked out in coverage compared to 2EC.

In Eden, Power is receivable from Bega only in the car with static. There wouldn’t be much indoor reception. The main Batemans Bay transmitter is completely unreceivable. Closer to the border, I couldn’t receive either frequency.

2EC on the other hand has great reception virtually all the way to the border thanks to a local FM translator in Eden.

What I don’t understand is why there is a translator in Eden for 2EC but not Power. 2EC’s 764AM front Bega is pretty good in Eden, far better than Power’s 102.5 from Bega. While the AM reception is low enough to warrant the translator, Power’s should have one too. Does anyone know the history of how the southern part of the licence areas missed out on coverage of the FM service?

With the AM/FM conversion of 2EC imminent it would be an ideal time to give the two licences some consistency with transmitters in Bateman’s Bay, Bega and Eden, which would adequately cover the whole licence area.

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Apparently, back in the late 90s, Power FM did have a translator in Eden broadcasting on 105.5. But then, in late 1998, when the draft LAP for Bega was released, the ABA proposed that the service be used to retransmit 2EC instead, as according to the licensee, reception of Power FM in Eden was considered adequate from the main Bega transmitter, but there were problems with the reception of 2EC on 765AM from Kalaru (near Tathra).

Source: ABA news release 104/1998 (26 October 1998)

With the lower part of the FM band being freed up more since the closure of WIN3 in both Eden (in the early 2000s) & Narooma (in June 2012 as part of the analogue switch-off), there is potentially room for Power FM to regain a translator for Eden for the first time in 20 years when the LAP variation for Bega, as part of the AM/FM conversion, is due to be open for consultation in the 1st half of this year.

I’m tipping 91.3 to be the main frequency for 2EC’s Bega service, a frequency that wasn’t available in the area when analogue TV was still active.


For the fourth night shift weekend in a row 98.1 Power FM havecplayed the sane episode of “The hype” Dance music show.

This station is already garbage as it is and that further shows the cheapness of the place.

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I’ve just emailed the show management to see if they can check with the station (I work at a station which also takes The Hype).

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Thanks to the wonders of ducting, I got a chance to cross check 2ST on 91.7 (Coast) and 102.9 (Highlands).

One thing I hadn’t realised before is that, even at night when programming is shared (as I know they have their own morning programs) is that they run different ads at night.

That surprised me a bit, and it’s not often that you hear a regional radio station running different ads on different transmitters in the same licence area.