Apollo 11 Moon Landing

The original video recordings made the news tonight.

10 have a special super and NASA TV’s 50 year watermark was also seen.


ATV 0 couldn’t be bothered to televise the lift off live while GTV 9 was going all out and sent a news team over to report and present special programming from from Cape Kennedy.

-The Age.


There is a long standing conspiracy that Stanley Kubrick shot the Moon landings in Nevada, and that Man has never gone to the Moon. If say the conspiracy was true, where then would Stanley Kubrick’s original films be. Area 51? :grinning:

I’m waiting for one of the networks to pick up a nutjob’s docos on how the moon landing was faked. :stuck_out_tongue:

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More coverage of the 50th anniversary includes

Foxtel starting this week.

ABC’s programming inlcudes Tuesday 16 July

Program on 10 on Saturday 20 July a 1 hour documentary followed by The Dish.

SBS has a 6-hour 3 part documentary Chasing the Moon Mon 15- Wed 17 July.

Nine has a Peter-Overton voiced special on Tuesday Apollo 11 - A Step That Changed The World


The promo for the Fly Me To The Moon doco -

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Tonight’s special on Nine contained a short segment from 9 News Melbourne featuring Eric Pearce reporting on the progress of the mission on Day 2.


I know this thread is in the TV History section but there is some interesting radio coverage from Apollo 11, 50 years ago, preserved on a tape bought in an op shop. Featuring mostly coverage from ABC radio but also includes snippets from commercial stations including 3DB, 3UZ, 3AW (Macquarie) and 3KZ:

YouTube: langleycello


CBS News rebroadcast of Apollo 11 liftoff

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Some reviews of Nine’s special on Saturday.

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The ABC special last night seemed to be similar to the 9 one in that it was chock full of unique archival material. Haven’t seen the reviews so not sure whether people thought it was better researched though
iview here: https://iview.abc.net.au/show/fly-me-to-the-moon

I did laugh at the line that the moon was the brightest object in the sky :sunny:


A couple of screen grabs from ABC’s Fly Me to the Moon that caught my eye.

Pooled FACTS/ABC coverage (Apollo astronauts visit Australia).

TEN 10 News camera


I wonder how many members were around 50 years ago…Me

Not me. By a few years

One of the few big news stories in the last 50 years I wish I’d been around for.

I remember being in a second grade classroom the day in 1979 Skylab was falling from the heavens worried it could hit me at any moment.

I remember when Skylab was news. If it was 1979 I was also in Grade 2

:raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed: I watched it on Channel 9.

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