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Which was mentioned on this site a few weeks ago.


The guy is mentioning it cause it’s in the guide for that week that he just posted.

How long is this “pick at everything Aaron does” shit going to last?

It’s so old.


Someone else also mentioned it after it was already posted and it was picked up as a repeat post.

That’s different though.

Aaron was actually posting the guide for the day it’s scheduled, not mentioning it in a single post as if it’s news.


Actually makes sense because Body Hack has underperformed. Hopefully they can find another prime time timeslot to give it another shot of performing better.

Week commencing 14 July 2019


Sunday 14 July
06:30 pm The Sunday Project
07:30 pm MasterChef Australia Each contestant has an ingredient chosen for them by a loved one, with the note explaining their choice. Later, the judges select an ingredient for each contestant to cook with in the invention test.
09:10 pm FBI S1 E21
10:05 pm FBI Rpt
11:00 pm NCIS Rpt

Monday 15 July
07:30 pm MasterChef Australia Chef director behind Dinner By Heston in Melbourne & London, Ashley Palmer-Watts sets a lamington themed pressure test. One contestant will be sent home with only days remaining in the competition.
08:40 pm Have You Been Paying Attention? Contestants: Ed Kavalee, Denise Scott, Pete Helliar, Celia Pacquola & Sam Pang
09:40 pm Lawrence Mooney: Moonman Rpt

Tuesday 16 July
07:30 pm MasterChef Australia Our Top 5 are battling to win an advantage for tomorrow’s challenge, which could secure them a spot in the Semi Final. Contestants can cook whatever they want and decide how much time is on the clock.
08:40 pm Body Hack S3 E04 Siberian Nenet people Season Final
09:40 pm NCIS x 2 Rpt

Wednesday 17 July
07:30 pm MasterChef Australia Contestants are cooking at Press Club, the brainchild of judge George Calombaris. With the Press Club announcing it will soon close, the Top 5 take to the kitchen to prepare one of the final meals
08:40 pm My Life is Murder Season Premiere

09:40 pm Bull S3 E16
10:35 pm Sports Tonight

Thursday 18 July
07:30 pm Movie: The Final Quarter
09:15 pm The Project: Final Quarter Extra Time
09:45 pm TBA
10:45 pm Blue Bloods Rpt

Friday 19 July
06:30 pm The Project 10th anniversary episode.
08:00 pm The Living Room
09:00 pm Have You Been Paying Attention? Rpt
10:00 pm Lawrence Mooney: Moonman Rpt

Saturday 20 July
06:00 pm Luxury Escapes 2019 E02
06:30 pm Jamie’s 15 Minute Meals Rpt
07:00 pm Bondi Rescue Rpt
07:30 pm The Moon Landing: 50th Anniversary
Moon Landing: One Hour That Changed The World: The story of the nail biting final hour before Neil Armstrong’s famous steps, packed with details driven by powerful footage and audio recordings from the time and mission control in Houston.
08:30 pm Movie: The Dish (2000)
10:30 pm Body Hack x 2 Rpt
12:50 am AEST Rugby: Wallabies v South Africa

Market variations will be posted later.

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Matty J on Luxury Escapes
NETWORK 10 has announced former Bachelor star Matty J as co-host with Sophie Falkiner on its show, Luxury Escapes: The World’s Best Holidays. Airing at 6pm on Sat from 13 Jul, the show explores destinations around the world.

Source: Travel Daily.

Matty takes over from previous host, Shane Jolley who hosted the first couple of Seasons on 7 and then the first one on 10.


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According to the press release, the new 13-part season of Luxury Escapes is produced in partnership with Singapore Airlines, with new destinations including New York, South Africa and the desert dunes of Abu Dhabi. The broadcast schedule can be found here

Is this going to air in Sydney and Brisbane I wonder?

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As seen in Brisbane


It has been promoted in Sydney on Ten.

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I thought it was more about rasicm, fallout rather than the sport of Australian Rules itself. More appealing in itseelf tio Sydney and Brisbane I’d have thought?

On Studio 10 doing a promo



Synopsis for Extra Time from Ten’s press release

Following the broadcast of The Final Quarter, 10 will take the lead on that important conversation in a special presentation hosted by Waleed Aly.

The Project: Final Quarter, Extra Time will air directly following the film and will include a panel of special guests. The important discussion will break it all down, consider what it means to Australia, why it matters and what we can do from here.


Week commencing 21 July 2019


Sunday 21 July
06:30 pm The Sunday Project
07:30 pm MasterChef Australia By the end of the night, five will become four as the MasterChef Australia trophy beckons. In a special MasterClass, contestants set their very own mystery box challenge for the judges and Curtis Stone.
09:30 pm FBI S1 E22 Season Final
10:30 pm TBA

Monday 22 July
07:30 pm MasterChef Australia Today’s Semi Final is a pressure test set by acclaimed Quay executive chef Peter Gilmore. The three contestants who do the most impressive job recreating the dish will earn their spot in the Grand Finale.
09:00 pm Have You Been Paying Attention? Contestants Ed Kavalee, Abby Coleman, Marty Sheargold, Ash London & Sam Pang
10:00 pm Akmal - Transparent Rpt

Tuesday 23 July
07:30 pm MasterChef Australia Season 11 Final
09:30 pm NCIS x 2 Rpt

Wednesday 24 July
07:30 pm Australian Survivor 12 everyday Aussies take on 12 Australian Champions over 50 days to see who can outwit, outplay and outlast to become the Sole Survivor. Season Premiere
09:00 pm My Life is Murder S1 E02
10:00 pm Bull S3 E17
11:00 pm Sports Tonight

Thursday 25 July
07:30 pm Australian Survivor
09:00 pm Law & Order: SVU x 2 Rpt

Friday 26 July
07:30 pm The Living Room The Living Room is celebrating their 300th episode in style! Amanda, Chris, Barry and Miguel relive their favourite stories from the past eight years and Chris travels to Memphis, Tennessee.
08:30 pm Have You Been Paying Attention? Rpt
09:30 pm Akmal - Transparent Rpt

Saturday 27 July
Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane
06:00 pm Jamie’s 15 Minute Meals Rpt
06:30 pm Bondi Rescue Rpt
07:00 pm Rugby: Wallabies v Argentina
10:00 pm Australian Survivor
11:30 pm Supercars: Highlights Rpt

06:00 pm Bondi Rescue Rpt
06:30 pm Rugby: Wallabies v Argentina
09:30 pm Australian Survivor
11:00 pm Supercars: Highlights Rpt

06:00 pm David Attenborough’s Natural Curiousities Rpt
06:30 pm Jamie’s 15 Minute Meals x 2 Rpt
07:30 pm Ambulance x 2 Rpt
10:00 pm Australian Survivor
11:30 pm Supercars: Highlights Rpt


I thought the Rugby Union game started at 7.45pm rather than 8pm. It seems pretty long to have an hour preview.

They have a 70 minute preview of State of Origin before all 3 games.

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10 rarely does an hour preview for a Rugby Union game these days. Its normally a half an hour or 45 minute preview of the game.


I was just pointing out that it’s possible to have a long preview. Unusual, but possible.

That’s just Nine milking the cow.

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