AM and FM DX


They’re from Middle Brother (mid way between Taree and Port Macquarie).


Opening to New Cal just finished. Usual suspects, some strong enough to decode RDS. First time I’ve heard House of the Rising Sun in French :slight_smile:

Briefly had Adelaide on 93.7


Went down to Wollongong at around Belmore Basin/Flagstaff Hill this afternoon, where there was plenty of DX action, both tropo & E-Skip.

Highlights, all on Tecsun PL-390:

  • The Middle Brother ABC stations came through quite well, exc 96.3, which is mostly occupied by Coast FM Gosford. 101.5 Great Lakes FM from Forster was quite well received too.

  • There was co-channel interference on Pulse 94.1 & 94.9 Power FM caused by Today’s Country & Rhema Central Coast, respectively, on the southern shore of Belmore Basin.

  • At Flagstaff Hill, 102.9 Triple M (formerly KOFM) from Newcastle can be heard quite clearly, along with 97.5 2HD & 100.9 Port Stephens FM from Nelson Bay.

  • There was a faint signal of 105.5 2EC from Eden.

  • From around 2:30pm AEDT, the FM signals from North QLD was being received, notably from Townsville & Mackay, as well as some from Cairns. I’ve also received the Ayr (near Townsville) relays of Triple M (92.3) & Hit (93.1), as well as Hit Central Highlands’ Blackwater relay on 90.3.

  • The ABC Local Radio signal from either Dysart or Dimbulah came in over 2ST Huskisson on 91.7.

  • I’ve also received 90.1 The Breeze from Stanthorpe over 2NBC Narwee. I’ve noticed they’ve used the same jingle as its namesake station in NZ.

It certainly wasn’t a dull day for DXing! :sunglasses:


Some great catches there, TVE!


In Brisbane, after New Cal faded I started to pick up a second set of stations on even numbered intervals that eventually turned out to be Port Vila, Vanuatu. Received 90 Laef, 96 Buzz, 100 Radio France, 102 Radio China, 103 Radio Australia.

Some of the frequencies made reception difficult. 102 was the hardest being next to 4ZZZ but the strength was strong enough for a clear signal.


These signals faded out for about an hour (see later) but are now back again along with New Caledonia so on many frequencies there are competing stations. Currently listening to 90.0 Laef Port Vila that alternates with 1ère Noumea. On 103.0 Radio Australia from Port Vial is largely dominant over Radio Djiido (repeater) at Houaïlou NC.

During the hour in between there was an opening to NQ with Cairns, Townsville and Airlie Beach plus West FM from Charters Towers. Also several unid stations that might respond to further investigation.


Hi Guys

Had an amazing catch today of NBC Radio New Ireland Papua New Guinea on 95.0

Also had Fiji good with Viti 92.2 on the XHDATA

My NZ tropo to Kaitaia on 100.3


Am down in Sydney at the moment on the 40th floor of a hotel in a south facing room.

Despite this, all the tropo action for me was from the north.

ABCs from Middle Brother incl 96.3 JJJ instead of Coast FM.

Also 97.5 2HD Nelson Bay and 100.9 Port Stephens FM, but no ABCs.

Only the ABCs from Newcastle, no commercial or community stations.

2GO also seems to be considerably weaker than SEA or STAR… 14db instead of about 27-28 db.


Radio Australia Vanuatu has eventually faded out, leaving just New Caledonia 103.0 with RDS despite being sandwiched between Hot Tomato and RN Rockhampton.


When I was in Yeppoon this afternoon I was picking up a station on 88.9FM pretty clear. They were playing Blue On Black by Kenny Wayne Shepherd followed by Us & Them by Pink Floyd and then Simple Man by Shinedown. They had no ID between songs. I have no idea what station it was but I could put those 3 songs in “Great Song Heard On Radio”


Could that be Rebel from Banana / Biloela?


According to Online Radio Box, Rebel didn’t play the above 3 songs in a row this afternoon.

The other possibilities on 88.9 could be either 2RBR (Richmond Valley Radio) from Coraki or 2YOU (88.9fm) from Tamworth.


I thought it might of been Rebel until I check that too mate.


There’s also a translator of West FM Longreach in Winton on the same frequency.

Did we miss this that in 2017, all the FM stations in Resonate’s stable were rebranded to the Longreach FM, West FM. Great they ditched Hit FM.


I knew Charleville had been switched from Triple C to West FM, but didn’t know about Charters Towers.
Any others?


Yes I believe you’re correct with first suggestion re mystery station on 105.5.
Managed to // the music with 102.3 Port Macquarie (Hit Network) when reception (again) was peaking around the Coffs Harbour/Port Macquarie area in the early hours today. That’s a new transmission site [Bruxner Park, Coffs Harbour] for me via tropo reception. Only 280m ASL too. Also had briefly on 105.5; 2ABCFM Central Western Slopes & 2SBS Canberra.
Also nice reception of 92.7 Sky Sports Radio & very weak (no ID) presumed 2WAY on 103.9 showing same propagation reception characteristics as 92.7 & 102.3 Port Macquarie.

Also had 102.9 Newcastle over 102.9 2ST.
Nice 103.7 2NUR & 105.3 2NEW reception
ID on 101.5 Great Lakes FM.
98.3 & 97.9 from Port Stephens, weaker than 97.5 2HD

Late morning yesterday had these from Northland NZ (Ducting); 91.6, 92.4, 94.0 - The Edge, 93.2 Hauraki.

Around 3.50pm yesterday Sporadic E reception of 98.3 Kool FM & several Townsville stations.


Yes, I recall mention of this too now you remind me.

They’re the only three markets that Resonate has both an AM and FM on band commercial licence.


ABC Mt.Moombil (Coffs H.) FM transmitters heard in SYD much stronger than the ABC Middle Brother (Taree) txs atm.


As per usual, JJJ 96.3 and Classic FM 98.7 have the best signals of the Middle Brother stations.

The highlight though was getting some of the RDS (only the genre & station name but still better than nothing, right?) from Triple M Newcastle - first time I’ve received it since the relaunch!

With these conditions, I personally wonder if there’s been any reports of Newcastle TV reception yet.

UPDATE: Of course!


That’s interesting, I’m still in Sydney at the moment, and I could only get Middle Brother ABCs from my hotel room.

Results for me were pretty similar to Thursday night, Middle Brother ABCs, 2HD 97.5, possibly Port Stephens FM, Newcastle ABCs but nothing else here. Nothing from the south either.


After about 1/2 hr the Taree signals increased & Mt.Moombil weakened a bit.
Yes conditions were fairly similar to the previous evening, but I did receive ABC Mt.Moombil txs stronger for a while & also penetrating marginally further in the southern inland eg Goulburn/Canberra.
A new log was the lower powered 2PNN Mt Moombil outlet on 90.7