AM and FM DX


Middle Brother continuing last night and this morning (but starting to fade)into SEQ. Had Inverell incl GEM at good levels last night. Also hit 102.3 from Port Macquarie.

Mt Cenn Cruaich in today on 102.3, 105.5 and 106.3.


Later had an opening to the north with “Cairns North” stations and 4AM Ravenshoe. Then some PNG stations from Port Moreseby for about 15 minutes then Noumea was back again.


Quite impressive when these Cairns North stations are supposedly 0 kw to the south.


For me, still in Sydney (last night) and Middle Brother ABC stations are weaker than the last two nights.

But got ABCs from Canberra instead.


It’s interesting how many times “Cairns North” is logged rather than the main 100kw Bellenden Ker stations.


Went to Cronulla today was happy to get Lake Macq fm over abc local radio on 97.3. 95.1 was clear. 96.3 fm was fighting , I think jjj. Great spot for dxing. Just on my sangean DT120.


I was just checking broadcast recordings trying to get a better ID from a PNG station when I checked out 92.9 and found an unexpected station. Eventually found it listed with ACMA as a temporary transmission for Yarrabah at 100w. Reception featured weather report plus country music by no ID.

Surprisingly it had RDS



No surprise, would be a magnet for grants and other govt handouts:


I wonder if Grant Broadcasters have lodged any objections to the name as it could be confused with their Star 102.7?


Pretty sure Black Star got there first


There’s a 4NPR Black Star Radio Network app on Google Play that might be useful for DXing in future.

I was listening via the simple app for a long long period & only caught 4 ID’s & two short advert periods in that time.
There was the news followed by weather & straight onto songs. The network badly needs more ID’s injected into there automated system between songs & the like. Heard 4 ID’s as: ’ Black Star Radio’, Black Star Network & two local station ID’s, one was networked announced I think as “Yaramba FM”, but I’d refer to the station as; ‘Black Star Radio’.
CAMMA Radio 8KIN FM provideds plenty of ID’s , but some community stations or their announcers can frequently forget to ID regularly on air. I believe the situation is much more pronounced with remote Aborginal radio networks across to the country.

I was stunned to learn that they had RDS - nice. No doubt due to a lot of good work from their tech Gerry Pyne & gov funds of course.


A bit of NZ tropo into Numeralla this morning. 89.4, 90.2,91.0, 91.8 and 92.6 were heard. Mostly 1 bar on the XDR tuner but 89.4 peaked at 2 bars briefly. We drove out to Countegany, a high (1000 m) point at the crest of the South Coast escarpment, to see if anything could be received on the car radio but alas none was forthcoming. The opening probably died during this time as we could no longer receive anything ‘back at the ranch’.


92.5 2WYR from Moss Vale is another community radio station that is VERY light on for any station IDs (I didn’t hear much in the way of announcers either). Seemed to be mostly wall to wall music whenever I tuned in during my Sydney stay.


The DX’ers are multiplying down there, must be the tank water :smiley:

Unsure how what they submit at licence renewal time, must be a very short application!


Upon reading on another DX-related forum, it turns out that The Breeze I received on 90.1 whilst in Wollongong turned out to be from Collinsville, not Stanthorpe. That isn’t listed on the ACMA database.

It’s mentioned on the following link though:


Sorry about the length of this post…
Just completing a six day Sydney to Melbourne drive return trip and can comment on some of the dxing along the way.

Eagle Fm Goulburn, the IMD was very bad on my Tucson car stereo, with 95.1 MHz having the worst mixing of sky sports and Eagle Fm. Mixing occurred on this frequency and all unreceivable Canberra frequencies with LOS of Mt Gray.

The hot dry weather conditions prevented any dxing with no Sydney fm received in Goulburn town centre, and Illawarra Nationals / Power fm also at very weak levels.

Down the Hume Highway Eagle Fm was received strongly to Yass with patchy reception to Jugiong. Eagle fm had better reception along this whole section then all the Canberra fm stations.

Hit 96.9 Goulburn Valley / Shepparton, this station is a blow torch and has massive coverage. It was receivable from Albury to Werribee in western Melbourne. It was at equal or stronger strengths in Melbourne to Hit 91.9 Bendigo. I was also able to receive 103.1 Power fm from Ballarat in places in Western Melbourne.

Nova 100 / Smooth 91.5, I also found these two stations out of all the Melbourne fm’s got out the best up the Hume. Both could be received reliably to around the Seymour exit. Nova and Smooth were then patchy to Euroa, and were the only Melbourne fm’s received. The last reception I got was of smooth 91.5 near Benalla. In Ballarat all high powered Melbourne fm’s could be received but they were patchy in places.

In Werribee all Melbourne fm stations were at medium strength at best due to the need to protect Geelong, however Dab+ was at full strength.

Bay / Krock were at equal strength to the Melbourne fm stations in Werribee and did not start to become weak until Tullamarine Airport. My car radio still got fair strength over most of Melbourne. I even received Krock in Ballarat.

Lastly Hit 93.1 Wagga Wagga does not have RDS enabled where as it sister stations Hit 104.9 /105.7 Triple M Albury both have RDS enabled.


Thanks for this- it’s been received strongly and frequently from Numeralla this season. We deduced it must be from central QLD due to the advertising spots for Taroom and Monto among other places. The Rebel on 94.9 from Collinsville is also a regular catch.


I’m currently getting The Breeze from Invercargill on 91.6! :slight_smile:

I’m also getting 93.2 Radio Hauraki from the same location, as well as bits of 92.4 Coast (which is a struggle over the splatter of 92.5 from Southern Highlands) & 94.0 Radio Live (soon to be Magic Talk).


Thanks for the alert/post.
I thought I saw a weak carrier trace on 90.8 around an hour ago, afterwards noted 93.2 Hauraki & others so able to track source of transmissions to Hedgehope (Invercargill) NZ, like yourself.
FM DX didn’t last long for me, seams to have gone now.
Received your stations plus 90.0 Concert FM & weak 90.8


Noted some late double hop to WA. Here’s 98.9 from Northam WA