AM and FM DX


Discussion of long distance radio reception. Continuation of AM & FM DX


After a couple of quiet weeks in the Newcastle and surrounds, Wollongong stations such as i98 are starting to climb in over in the nearby semi-locals such as Gosford’s News Radio again.

Good DX forecasts are also predicted with a strong duct forming over the next 1-3 days along the NSW southern coastline.

(from the artist formerly known as dk32) :smiley:


A bit of activity tonight, including an appearance from MIX106.3 Canberra, from up here at Charlestown near Newcastle.

South Coast and South East ABCs also receivable.


Meanwhile at my end (ie. my home location) near Campbelltown, I’m getting Newcastle FM stations loud & clear, including KO occupying the 102.9 frequency without any hint of 2ST from Bowral. I’m also getting 97.5 2HD from Port Stephens, as well as the Middle Brother ABCs. The Canberra stations can also be received, although not very clearly. All of this is received through my DX setup connected to the VHF TV antenna that’s aiming towards Artarmon/Gore Hill/Willoughby.


Well done, TVE!

Your Canberra stations would certainly be better with the telescopic rod antenna given the directionality of the VHF antenna aimed north east, and also explains the KO result - still good you are getting Newcastle and northward given its a Band III VHF setup too.


Also getting most Sydney community stations too, except the hard to get 2RSR 88.9, the very hard to get 2BACR 100.9, the impossible to get (here) 2SSR 99.7, and the hard to null in 100.5 2RPH Sydney City.


Since the antenna was set-up when I still had a 4:3 analogue TV as the main TV in the house back in 2011 (although I did have a DTV-PVR hooked up to it), it covers Band I & II, which therefore includes the FM band.


Ah, I forgot about the old analogue ABC Channel 2 !!


Again, I managed to get a bit of 101.5 Great Lakes FM from Forster/Tuncurry to come through the splatter of 101.3/101.7 in this location of Sydney tonight! :smiley:


Not me. I’m getting Triple J from Canberra on the 101.5 frequency instead on my DX setup, despite it being connected with the VHF antenna that is aiming north! :astonished:


New entries!!

97.9 Real FM Kandos/Rylstone
98.7 KRR also from Kandos/Rylstone

No 93.1 Real Mudgee however.

Orange ABCs also heard.


I’m now getting a faint signal of 97.9 ABC Classic FM, as well as 91.5 Triple J & 92.3 ABC Coffs Coast from Coffs Harbour!


Yes, this is turning out to be quite a good night!

99.3 B-Rock now in stereo
More Canberra stations now received, including 104.7 and 1WAY
106.7 2ST Ulladulla heard
105.9 2EC Batemans Bay received
Goulburn’s Eagle 93.5, 94.3 SKY and 89.5 & 90.3 ABCs
Also getting a bit of Coffs Harbour ABCs too.


Another first timer!

Finally got 93.1 Real FM Mudgee


Another first time catch for me tonight

2EC 105.5 from Eden


Had several stations all from Port Moresby on and off over 2 hours this afternoon. At the strongest I could put the receiver in wide band mode with clear stereo (at the worst - they were gone). Best were Paradise FM on 89.1, Radio Central on 89.9 NBC on 90.7 and 95.5 and the religious Light FM on 93.9. The frequency set is just perfect for Brisbane reception, but it is hard to believe that they are all listed a just 1kw or less.


Marvellous catch that, TVC!


Judging by the Hepburn forecast maps ( ), the next few days or so look rather promising for tropo along the East Coast.


Picking up the high power Dt Dowe stations in Brisbane this morning - only worth mentioning because of the recent lack of signals.


Some good DX about tonight in the Newcastle area.

From Coffs ABCs across to B-Rock Bathurst, down to Canberra for a bit of stereo community radio from 1CMS and 1WAY and across to the South Coast at Moruya for some weak 2EAR reception.