AM and FM DX


Why I wonder?

Wow, going out to try now!


Wow, that’s a long span between the 2… About 930 kms as the crow flies!

Brissy is on a tangent to that as well.


There’s some interesting maps on the AUS/NZ Hepburn Tropo Map site.
Could be some DX records broken for DXers on NSW mid north coast with NZ North
Island stations, if predicted tropo duct modelling for Fri-Sun occurs as predicted.
I wouldn’t dismiss low powered Lord Howe Island as a target either…

Had 105.4 Coast & More FM 91.8 Auckland some 100mins ago.
Also received 2NUR Newcastle, first time for many years.
ABC Coffs Harbour stations in at the moment.
Interesting night & lots more DX (and heat) to come…


Rockhampton is every other night but Taree, Port Macquarie are rare for me. 102.3 has lifted to a constant stereo signal now, so interested to see if lower power 2PM on 93.5 can be heard - about the only other station on a clear frequency.


2PM is a hard get down here…

I always get 92.7 SKY Sports, 99.9 Rhema and 103.9 2WAY before that.


Getting none of them now in Bris.

Sunshine Coast is enhanced, 104.9 blanking out the ABC blowtorch over the range.

Maryborough commercials coming through but fighting with co channel.

Wide Bay national services doing well.

100.7 was Toowoomba not Kempsey.

95.5 Toowoomba coming in well

Mt Moombil stations were coming in earlier tonight, 7pm?

Couple of the Middle Bother ABCs receiveable now.

92.3 Maryborough HPON good

89.1 and 90.7 swapping availability, different sites in the South Burnett.

Great to have Zinc off and 96.1 from Nardi come in.

104.9 from Sunny Coast not west of the Great Divide ABC blowtorch.

Noosa 101.3 at low level but nothing else from Noosa way.


You must be closer to the water, neither coming in nor Bundaberg.

Should add, Wide Bay ABCs available but not the Rebel Media station.


How far north in Australia do you need to be for AM 585 to not be 2WEB but instead from Port Moresby?

Been told it’s quite permanent in Cairns, day or night.

How far south at night?


when I was in Cairns in 1996, 585 Port Moresby could be received at clear levels even at 13:00 LT.


tropo made it to NZ last evening from Auckland & Kaitaia. Stations such as The Edge 94.0 & The Hits 96.4


Had some strong coastal tropo from Wollongong and Sydney yesterday at Coffs. Usually the tropo is best listening on the headlands but I managed to get 97.3 ABC Illawarra in the Coffs CBD.

Auckland was in by tropo in the evening too with the higher FM frequency stations producing stronger signals than the lower frequency stations.


Receiving K Rock 95.5 Geelong up near Wallan Vic.


Sydney still belting in this morning.

On my way down to Sydney now, will be interesting to see what I can get there now that it is well and truly “duct” season.


Not on air yet, site works haven’t even started AFAIK, certainly no antenna on the tower (2 minute drive from me).


What’s the frequency & licence number for that transmitter?
Don’t see it on the ACMA website; RRF… (just their MW & Nelson Bay 97.5 outlets)
Guess I could go looking for LAP on ACMA website.


Page 19 on this following document:


Thanks for that. 90.5 100W. Might be a possibility in some parts of Sydney when operational.
Alive 90.5 Baulkham Hills is the main problem.

More Tropopheric DX catches earlier this morning:-
NZ: Kaiatia 91.6 More FM & 92.4 Trackside Radio
Taree ABC’s were blasting in.
Had 3 Nelson Bay outlets, maybe 101.5 2GLA there too, but I didn’t ID.
Was something on 105.5, commercial I think, but too weak to ID.


Given the tropo from the north, it could be hit105.5 from Coffs Harbour.
Another possibility could be 2EC from Eden.


Lots of enhancement this morning. Middle Brother still being received. 98.7 has ABCFM but it is fighting MMM from Mackay today. 99.5 RN from Coffs co-channel with JJJ Mackay etc. Also Mt Dowe commercials 2GGG and 2NOW; Kempsey MMM 106.7; hit105.5 Coffs.


Around Castle Hill way I was getting Triple J over Coast FM on 96.3 with ABC News Radio on 94.7, ABC Local on 95.5, ABC RN on 97.1 and ABC Classic on 98.7. Not to sure of the locations though.