7mate - Programs and Schedules

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I left that to timeanddate.com :wink::wink:


7mate repeating “Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark” (1981) and oddly the same movie that followed “47 Ronin” next Monday :thinking:

And I presume the rest every Monday after that!?


They do that with movies almost every week it seems.


Saw promos tonight promoting Indiana Jones movie encores on 7mate the next 4 Monday nights.

A bit excessive and ‘in your face’ isn’t it?

They could’ve at least waited until summer, I mean for God sake, the 4th film just aired tonight on the main channel :expressionless:

Does it surve a purpose/strategy? Like to they add the ratings to press releases and say “and it also rated this much on 7mate” to make the total figures bigger or something?

Or is it a distributor quota matter?


7mate will show highlights packages of the 400 Thunder Professional Drag Racing Series. First program is on in late November.



Sydney & Brisbane will reveive tonight:

•Ice Road Truckers
•Car Crash TV: 8pm
•“Face/Off” (1997): 8:30pm

In lieu of no RLWC on 7mate.

Perth will also receive Face/Off (due to time zone) after final RLWC telecast concludes AEDT.

Melbourne and Adelaide receiving RLWC.


New next week on

Rolling Thunder

From Sunday 3 December at 10:30AM

The newly developed tournament will showcase 16 of Australia’s best bowlers, which will see both female and male bowlers compete to make it to the final.

Screaming Reels

From Saturday 9 December at 4:00 PM

Jason Hoyte and Leigh Hart dish up action, mayhem and wisdom in New Zealand’s most sustainable fishing show.

Big Angry Fish - Season 3

Saturday 9 December at 4:30 PM

New boat, new motor and new fishing gear. The fishing season has been kicked off big time.


From Saturday 9 December at 05:30 PM Double episode

In the depths of winter, the long line tuna-fishing season starts off the east coast of Australia.

Wicked Tuna: Back In The Hunt - Season 2

From Saturday 9 December at 06:30 PM

The second season begins with Dave Carraro encountering an unwelcome visitor in his first fishing spot of the season. Meanwhile, a New Hampshire fisherman heads south to compete with Dave.


Ohhhh boy I hope Seven knows what is doing putting this as part of what otherwise seems like a serious fishing block.


Brisbane International ran 1hr 45min overtime to schedule tonight.

As a result, “The Benchwarmers” (2006) was dropped in all markets.

Seinfeld re-run currently airing in Brisbane, one of those US ‘blokey’ shows airing in Perth & “American Pie 2” (2001) airing in Sydney and Melbourne (late).

Question to Seven: why on earth schedule, when they know tennis will probably easily run overtime :thinking:

Many would’ve recorded or been expecting those movies, on time :disappointed:

Seven Tennis Coverage

I think you’re vastly over-estimating the audience - live or recorded- for these two old-as-the-hills reruns on New Year’s Eve.


There are people you know, who look specifically for alternatives, even non-related movie repeats.

Some don’t like the materialistic and commercialised NYE, with all the parties and neighbours and drinking or whatever.

But I’ll take your valid point.


Takes valid point while presenting invalid one


First-run movies, no doubt there’s an interest (albeit ever decreasing).

Movies well into double figures of reruns? Not sure many are clearing PVR space or booking couch time.


Happens every year on the Aus Open tennis. Scheduled to finish at 12.30am but invariably runs though till 2/3/4am.


Just caught the end of “Big Australia” on 7mate, complete with Southern Cross production ender.

It was just a white screen with the Southern Cross star (Seven affiliate version) and “Copyright 2012”


As seen one hour later in QLD



Ironically that Sunday episode (number 6 in the series) was a repeat! The series was originally shown Saturdays at 4pm.


Family Guy - returns

Season 17 Episode 8: Wednesday 28 February 9:30PM

American Dad - returns

Season 13 Episode 17 Wednesday 28 February 10:00PM


Wednesday 28 February
7.30 The Simpsons S10 Ep1
8.00 The Simpsons S10 Ep2
8.30 The Simpsons S10 Ep3
9.00 The Simpsons (NEW) S29 Ep1
9.30 Family Guy (NEW) S16 Ep8
10.00 American Dad! (NEW) S13 Ep17
10.30 Family Guy S10 Ep15
11.00 Family Guy S10 Ep16
11.30 American Dad! S9 Ep9