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That’s not on demand though, that’s a live broadcast.


Is Family Guy coming back on Mate?


Thursday 6 April at 8:30PM Season 16 Episode 13


I’d love to see Family Guy and American Dad on Netflix, not be forced to watch it live online or live on tv when Seven tells me to . Oh yes and recording it too. That now seems so outdated.

Not even a catchup of it on Plus7 … costs from Fox? Seven wants you sitting down in front of your tv and not watching on demand content for quite a few shows . Always Sunny in Philadelphia is another one similar, where Netflix cannot get it because of Seven who airs it at midnight again , this time with no catchup.

It’s all streamed live with live streamed ads.

I think Ten would have been a better place to have Family Guy and American Dad to have it on Ch Eleven.


Won’t they do the same?You don’t see Simpsons or Futurama on tenplay.


###Outback Truckers - Season 5

Starts Tuesday 16 May at 8:30 PM

Outback Truckers jumps in the cab with some of the men and women behind the wheel of monster road trains and reveals what life is really like on the wide-open road. Highly dramatic, often humorous, Outback Truckers reveals the true blue heart and soul of Aussie trucking.


New episodes of American Dad return Thursday 29 June at 10:00PM on 7Mate.


Family Guy also resumes on the say day at 9.30 PM


I wish these 2 shows were available on Netflix.


Family Guy and AD have seem to have disappeared from the guides…



From Tuesday 11 July at 9:30PM

Loaded follows three truckers as they battle tight deadlines, extreme cargo, and treacherous weather while trying to deliver the best paying loads.

Time is money and speed means everything on the open road. Whether it’s hauling bees in California, or unruly bison in Alberta, no freight is off-limits for the larger-than-life characters behind the wheel of this action packed series.

Clearly NOT the 2017 Channel 4 comedy series of the same name :slight_smile:


###Brit Cops

From Monday 17 July at 8:30PM (double episode)

Brit Cops joins cops in the firing line in Wales as they tackle antisocial behaviour, drunken louts and drug dealers; late night antics get out of control on the streets of Carmarthen, a package of drugs worth millions appears on the Pembrokeshire coastline, and traffic officers spot a drug user and spark a violent struggle.


###Ink Master - Season 6

From Wednesday 19 July at 8:30PM (double episode)

In the season premiere, apprentices battle their masters to prove they are the best – and for the first tattoo, the playing field is level as the Judges will critique blind.


Towies - Season 1

From Tuesday 15 August at 8:30PM

Queensland’s beautiful coast is lined with stunning beaches. But the highway that takes you there is Australia’s deadliest. So when things go wrong, the three-generation family business, Clayton’s Towing, and their team of hardened towies step in to clean up the mess.


Looks like Family Guy is off for this weeks guide again.

Can I say now that it’s easier to get a UK VPN and watch it On Demand…


I wish Netflix could get the streaming rights to it…


Ice Road Truckers - Season 7

From Tuesday 22 August at 10:00PM

Battle lines are drawn in Manitoba. Hugh Rowland returns after quitting his previous employer Polar Industries and setting up his own shop just down the street. And he’s intent on landing as many loads as he can and crushing his old boss. Hugh rounds up the toughest trucking outlaws he can find and together with these new faces, they hit the Winter Roads. But Polar Industries owner Mark Kohaykewych isn’t about to take this challenge lying down. To counter Hugh’s threat on his turf, he enlists some of Hugh’s biggest rivals. Ice road legend Alex Debogorski signs on to Polar, anxious for the opportunity to wipe out Hugh’s company before it gets started. After a year hiatus, veteran trucker Lisa Kelly signs up with Polar as well, looking to conquer the new terrain of the Winter Roads just like she did on Alaska’s Dalton. And Montana Legend Darrell Ward joins the crew at Polar, finally getting the chance to drive the deadly ice crossings of Canada. Every load delivered, means money out of the other team’s pocket. No assignment is off limits, no road is too dangerous and no ice crossing is too thin in this battle for Winter Roads supremacy.


Although I believe it is yet to be officially announced by Seven, it looks like Ten Pin Bowling is making a long-awaited return to FTA in Australia.

According to the shows Facebook page, Rollin’ Thunder will be filmed mid-October in Sydney and will air over Nov/Dec as 7x1hr episodes on 7mate.

Looking forward to it!


After 169 Days, Family Guy is back on 7Mate on Thursday Night.


Yeah, but who’s counting? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: