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New Family Guy returning 26 January.

###Week commencing 31 January 2016

Some highlights:

Monday 1 February
09:00 PM Family Guy Series Return Season 15
09:30 PM American Dad Series Return Season 12
10:00 PM Rude Tube Series Return Season 7

Tuesday 2 February
08:30 PM Ice Road Truckers First Time on 7Mate

Saturday 6 February
06:00 PM Deadly Seas: Bering Sea Series Premiere

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They should air more The Big Bang Theory

Just wondering if someone could help.

Did Plus7 stream American Dad and Family Guy last night ? I want to know thanks. I missed it but will tune in online if it is streaming next week .

Wasn’t sure if they had the streaming rights for this show.

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7mate now using a new styled sponsor billboard. Not sure how long for though.

###Ink Master

Returns with Season 5

Thursday 17 April at 8:30PM - double episodes

In season five, it is not just about the rivalries you create on the show, each contestant is coming into this competition with a personal tattoo rival. From convention circuit foes, a former boss versus former employee, brothers and even two of the most infamous rivals in ‘Ink Master’ history, this season’s competition is more personal than ever.

Magic Mike and True Blood star Joe Manganiello is a guest judge on Ink Master.

Ink Master is the first ever tattoo reality-competition series featuring some of America’s top tattoo artists on a quest to determine who is the best at their craft. The stakes are high as the artists showcase their irrevocable artwork on real people’s bodies competing for a $100,000 prize and the title of ‘Ink Master’.

Street Fighter (1994) premiere?

Surely it has been on before

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According to 7’s guide - “First time on 7Mate”!

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Yeah, I thought that was standard practice for all the channels. They declare “Premiere” whenever it’s first screened on a new channel.

Straight up “premiere” for movies which have aired on other channels is not something I recall happening in the past. I recall “First time on network x” when movies have aired on other channels.

It’s not a good look imo, especially for ancient movies. IIRC last year Nine “premiered” a movie which was made in the 40s lol

First time in HD (probably) is a better promotion. I’ve noticed Nine doing that now

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According to IMDb, Street Fighter was released in Australian cinemas in January 1995 so my guess is that the movie most likely premiered on a free to air TV network (Ten?) in the Late '90s.

Wait, so this 1990s film has been shown on TV before tonight?

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Shocking. I know, lol :laughing:

###Outback Truckers - Season 4

Starts Tuesday 10 May at 8:30 PM

Outback Truckers jumps in the cab with some of the men and women behind the wheel of monster road trains and reveals what life is really like on the wide-open road. Highly dramatic, often humorous, Outback Truckers reveals the true blue heart and soul of Aussie trucking.


From Monday 23 May at 9.30pm

Bogans is a new 10 part series on the weird beast – The kiwi bogan. Headlining the series is Dr Bogan Dave Snell and his friends Fro, Caleb, Anton, Miah and Ryan. Adding a touch of bogan glamour to the series is Kate Mate.

Set largely in the self proclaimed bogan capital of New Zealand Hamilton, the series is part documentary part rumination on life as a bogan.

Fed up with the bogan stereotypes Dr Dave Snell published his book Bogan - An Insiders Guide to Metal, Mullets and Mayhem to set the record straight. His earlier work – a Doctoral thesis on Bogans that attracted a $100,000 grant was greeted with a storm of controversy.

Similarly, Bogan the series will probably attract the same sense of unease.

If you’re looking for middle of the road television this is not the series for you. Dave and friends take us on guided tour of life as a bogan.

The series, set around various events and happenings in greater Hamilton (the Tron), takes the viewer on a tour of bogan life. There’s everything from a painful 8 hours of tattooing, a Morrinsville burnout competition, a concert featuring the high priests of metal - Judas Priest to hog tying and bogan parties.

Some may be surprised at the wide range of interests covered that defies the stereotype – from Medieval battle reenactments, home brewing, crowd sourced fund raising, pumpkin carnivals, movie trailers and even a Ms Cadaver competition.


From Thursday 21 July 2016 at 9:30PM

Hosted by chef David Guas, Grilled is a popular US series which visits a different U.S city every week, where David challenges four hard-core BBQ chefs to use local ingredients and original recipes that skillfully showcase the grill and embrace regional flavours. The winner, as picked by Guas and guest judges, receives $10,000.

7mate is airing old season 9 Family Guy episodes from next Monday, beginning with ‘And Then There Were Fewer’ part 1.

I wish they would add this show to Presto .

###Mega Truckers

From Tuesday 23 August at 8:30PM

Meet tough, uncompromising trucking boss Jon Kelly. He’s a man on a serious mission; to be the best of the best at what he does, to push the boundaries in the heavy haulage industry he loves so much … and for his trucks to look damn good doing it.

Jon’s been around trucks since he was 4 years old and made his first mega-moves under the guidance of his late-grandfather at age 15. He knew instantly that he wanted to spend the rest of his life hauling the biggest loads to places no-one thought he could get them to, but two years later his grandfather rocked his world when he revealed he was selling up. Aged 17, Jon announced he would run the business himself – but his family were having none of it. They wanted to cash in. They told him he’d never amount to anything. So he went out, bought his own truck and started on his own.

Years of fighting for jobs and living off the smell of an oily rag followed. But today, 15 years on, Jon’s trucking empire Heavy Haulage Australia (HHA) is one of the largest privately-owned heavy haulage companies in Australia and Jon has a 30-strong fleet of the best-looking, pimped-up prime movers in the southern hemisphere. Perhaps even the world.

Heavy haulage is already the elite of trucking, but Jon has pulled together a tough team of some of the best operators and drivers in the country. They’re the best of the best, but that only makes them more difficult to deal with at times. In MegaTruckers we’ll see how, for Jon Kelly, managing all this, bringing in new business and making sure there aren’t any stuff-ups on the million-dollar mega-moves the company carries out is never easy. Especially when you’re still only 32 years-old and you have everything on the line.