61st TV Week Logie Awards 2019


Sledge. :joy:


Fingers crossed someone like Julia Zemiro or Amanda Keller gets Gold this year.


I doubt Julia will be in the running but Amanda has a good chance.


Shame. I wouldn’t mind Amanda winning though.




The whole #LogieTwitterWar thread is a crack up with Peter Helliar, Shaun Micallef, Tom Gleeson, Rove McManus, Annabel Crabb, Lisa Wlkinson, Julia Zemiro.


So many actors and actresses missing from shows like Jack Irish, Rake, The Blake Mysteries (and a few from Neigbours too), that its not funny anymore.

Should there be a “Supporting Presenter Award” (aka Co-host Award) there? So we can have presenters not miss out of an award every year? Have a co-host and some reality-show judges appear on the supporting awards. Example:

Main Presenter should be: David Koch and Samantha Armytage (Sunrise), Andrew Winter (Selling Houses) and Sonia Krugar (The Voice)
Supporting Presenter: Natalie Barr, Mark Beretta and Sam Mac (Sunrise), Charlie Albone and Shaynna Blaze (Selling Houses), Boy George, Delta Goodrem and Kelly Rowland (The Voice). ETC.

New Talent Award - most i’ve never heard of, since they appear on Foxtel and Netflix. Surprised that Ten didn’t put Josh Gibson from Sports Tonight there, or Casey Donovan for Street Smart. Yet they put the Bachelor guy (Tim) down for his small role in Neighbours. Hmmm.

For the Panel/Current Affairs Award - why is The Project and The Sunday Project listed separately? It’s the same show, with no difference between the two!



Is the IP recognised when the overseas people vote, or can they get away with multiple votes just by using different names?


Not IP checked. You just need a name, address and the code word from the magazine to vote.

Not sure if you’re prevented from casting multiple votes.


Even though overseas IP address can register a vote it is still possible for them to be ruled invalid and not counted.


They’re not going to go through all the votes and check that are they? Surely, once you’ve been able to successfully vote, the results will just be tallied up.


They have Ernst & Young auditing votes, so it might be possible


I don’t even think you need the code word… I think that’s just to enter the competition. Votes are valid without the code AFAIK.


I can confirm you don’t need a code word. I’ve voted three times already, from different IP addresses, using fake names and addresses. Proves the voting system is flawed and brings into question the integrity of the awards. #karlforgold.


Scott Cam for Gold was more concerning.


Yeah but nothing new about that. Years ago the networks were notoriously buying up many copies of TV Week and filling out the coupons so their stars would win.


Does it use the Australia Post address database so that only a valid address can be entered? (I forget what happened when I voted)


Why is Peter Helliar’s “How to Stay Married” show in the Drama category and not in the Comedy category? It was billed as a comedy in all the ads last year and on The Project. Funding is more for a drama over a comedy?

And what is everyone’s thoughts on having “specials” listed in the Entertainment Award, instead of shows that aired for longer? The Carols in the Domain, Carols by Candlelight, The Real Full Monty, 2018 Eurovision, Eurovision Australia Decides are listed. But am sure some shows missed out.